Providing Safety at the College Campus

February 17, 2015

Calgary has one of the best educational facilities in the country. From providing top quality education to having large campuses in the city, students have the best to choose from. Whether it is the student, parent or management, all of them are concerned about the security on the premises. If you are part of the educational system or even part of an educational board, ask yourself – Does your college campus have enough of security?

An educational campus always faces security risks in terms of gender conflict, substance abuse, street fights and even terrorism.

So what does good security at a college campus entail?

Protect the Front Entrance

The front entrance of your educational campus is one of the best ways to strengthen security. Have a strong entrance that can be locked shut, whether it is a door or a gate. It needs to be strong and large enough to block people from entering when closed.

The handle and locks should be institutional grade so that they do not degrade over time.

Limit Entry Points

You do not want people sneaking into the college campus through back door entrances.
By getting people to enter from the front entrance, you ensure that no illegal items are smuggled in. Setting up fences or boundary walls is advisable.

Safe Lockers

Ensure you are investing in quality lockers. Theft is a problem that every college campus faces. You need to ensure that students can safely store their belongings without experiencing theft. Theft is a form of bullying and not something you should ignore.

Good Lighting

People do all kinds of things when they are not being watched, from vandalism to violently acting out. Ensure that the college campus is well-lit from the ground to the various buildings. If certain campus parts are plagued by particular problems, these areas should have good lighting.

A well-lit area always makes a wrong doer, or someone planning a wrongdoing, feel exposed.

Surveillance System

You can’t have an eye everywhere at once, but what you can have is a well interlinked surveillance system. This way, nothing goes unnoticed in the college premises. If anything does go wrong like a fight or theft, you have everything captured on camera.

A college that has a surveillance system shows that it takes security very seriously.

Security Guards

Have security guards posted throughout the campus from the front entrance to various buildings. You can even have security guards conduct patrols when the sun goes down. You need real people who are willing to tackle any security problems on the campus and this comes in the form of security guards.

Security guards are trained to deal with all kinds of conflicts and conflict resolutions.

Security should be a top priority. If it’s not, you are opening up the college to some major security risks.


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