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September 21, 2014

A remote camp is, well, remote and if you are running or visiting one, considering some security is not a bad idea. There are various ways you may land up in a remote camp in Alberta.  It’s a company trip/retreat Your organisation may have taken you on a company trip to relax and run a few team-building activities. – Community Trips A community trip is one where you are going with your family, friends or community for an enjoyable trip and decide to stay at a remote camp. – Other Work Related Most remote camps are work related, especially for oil and gas companies. GPS Security is not new to providing security to remote camps. In fact, we already have a working relationship with a few oil and gas companies. What do we fulfill? – Monitor the Entrance A remote camp is not a public hotel where anyone can just walk in and out. Our security guards are trained to watch over who is entering and allow those who only have the proper identification. There is also a log maintained if the camp management wishes to keep records. By this simple method, you can stop any unsavoury persons from entering the camp. – Theft of Gas A growing problem that people are finding is that their petrol is being stolen at the camp. Remote camps come with refuelling stations. However, there are instances when fuel is robbed. GPS security guards keep an eye on this. – Keeping it Dry A lot of remote camps are dry and don’t allow alcohol. We enforce this rule by keeping a watch on the residences and ensuring no one stocks up on it. Additionally, any alcoholic drinks are stopped from even entering the camp, so there are no chances of any alcohol smuggling ring developing inside. – Patrols The Camp will be equipped with a GPS enabled security vehicle that will patrol around the camp and make certain everything is within the legal bounds and the camp residences are fine. Safe Environment Ultimately, we aim to provide a safe environment for the residents of a remote camp. Our guards are well trained and have extensive law enforcement, military, corporate security experience. They work with the camp management to ensure it functions smoothly.The various policies and protocols are kept in mind while performing the camp security. GPS Security is especially trained to deal with any fights that may flare up in the camp. These fights will be resolved peacefully and if they do turn violent a GPS security guard has the training on stopping it. Additionally, we are on the lookout for any security loopholes at the camp and our security guards immediately provide a solution. A bit of security at your remote camp will stop fights, prevent any illegal activities and on the whole, contribute to the feeling of a safe environment.

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