Protecting Your Firm’s Data From Hackers

March 11, 2021

Protecting Your Firm's Data From Hackers

IT professionals worldwide are well aware of the various risks associated with data security. The protection of online data has become a huge part of our lives. This is due to hackers having become increasingly smart and having adapted with new technology attempting to obtain your firm’s financial data or your employees’ and clients’ personal information.

Protecting your firm’s data from hackers is necessary because even a minor attack can make your company go bankrupt and face expensive lawsuits. These attacks will also impact your brands image and consumer trust.

Moreover, data security threats and risks not only come from outside an organization; a big chunk of it may already be evident on your payroll as a result of someone carrying out cyber attacks from inside your organization. With the right security measures, however, your organization can significantly reduce these risks.

Below we discuss five solutions to help your firm protect itself from cyberattacks and hackers.

Secure Your Network Channels

One simple way to secure your data automatically from hackers is to ensure that your employees conceal their IP addresses (by utilizing VPN services) on their devices when accessing the company’s network. This is especially important for workers entering your network from remote locations.

Advanced hackers can easily use IP addresses to reach an employee’s endpoint, thus putting your organization’s network at risk.

Monitor All Devices On Your Network

Firms should monitor all devices on their networks. Bringing your laptops, phones, and tablets to work and connecting them to office networks has become common. However, if this practice is not monitored carefully, it can make the firm’s network extremely vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Many applications will allow your firm to control and monitor devices on your network. They also offer additional benefits such as remote data wiping in case a device is lost or stolen.

You can also implement endpoint security to prevent employees from plugging in unauthorized devices to the firm’s network. Endpoint security involves:

  • Creating strong security rules as an administrator
  • Implementing restrictions on what can be plugged into the network
  • Monitoring internet traffic and content
  • Reporting and blocking certain online actions based on security criteria

Develop A Security-Focused Mindset In Your Firm

Developing a security mindset for your company is essential to ensure your firm is protected from all sorts of insider and outsider threats. If you do not have the right kind of people on board, then whatever security policies you have will mostly be ineffective.

Although achieving a company mindset that promotes security is difficult, especially in larger companies, the focus should be on open communication, dedication, and regular data security training.

All parties involved in a company must understand that a data breach’s potential cost would far exceed implementing an effective security strategy. The price can include hefty fines, embarrassing investigations, cleanups, irreparable damages, a full revamp of business strategy, and more.

Educate Your Employees

Employees can be your greatest data security vulnerability. To mitigate this vulnerability, make sure your employees receive regular security training. Their training should be consistent as security threats evolve. It should cover phishing, social engineering, malware, password protection, access management, data encryption, and more. Employees must also be taught how to respond if they detect a potential security threat.

The best approach to address data and cybersecurity in training is to demonstrate risks and help employees and individuals invested in a company realize the damaging effects of data breaches and how they can affect them by extension.

Consider Hiring A Trained Security Provider

This is by far the best and most efficient way to improve the data security of your organization. Well-trained security providers will be well aware of all the new technologies and advanced methods of protecting your data. By hiring an expert cybersecurity team, you’re guaranteeing the best-in-class IT solutions for all your online risks and threats. You’re also ensuring the most cost-effective way to manage your firm’s security.

At GPS-Security Group, we provide cyber and online security services that meet all security standards. For more information or personalized service, visit our website or contact us here.


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