Prevent Thefts at the Construction Site

February 17, 2015

Running a construction project is no easy task. From handling the employees, ensuring there is a constantly supply of raw material, keeping a check on the safety measures to getting government permits are all tasks on the plate of a construction manager.

One of the things you have to worry about is security. A strong security system should be there at a construction site to ensure that materials are not stolen and no conflict occurs. So how can you improve security at your construction site?

Surveillance System

Installing a surveillance system in a construction site is not a good idea. However, you can have it installed outside. This way, you have a recording of all the coming and goings of people on the construction site. Also, any temporary rooms that you have set up like the tool room or manager room should have cameras observing them.

Maintain Inventory

Theft can be become a big problem on the construction site if you don’t nip it in the bud. To ensure that no tools, equipment or raw materials are stolen, maintain an inventory of every item.

Have a place to keep the tools, equipment and raw materials so it can be locked up. This reduces chances of theft.

Good Lighting

People tend to do all kind of things when they are not being watched, including theft and getting into fights. Having a construction site that is well-lit even after work prevents vandalism and thefts.

Limit the Entry Points at the Construction Site

The only way to know who is coming and going on the construction site is to limit the entry points to a few. This also means that if your construction site is in the open, you will have to set up a perimeter. Such a move will benefit the security of your construction site and prevent illegal entry.

Identification Cards

You don’t want the wrong people entering the construction site. The best way to regulate this is to allow only those who carry identification cards to enter the construction area. This is vital because you don’t want people who are untrained or have no idea of the safety measures to enter the site.

Security Guards

Hiring security guards is the best way to ensure that your construction site is always secure. They fulfill several roles.

– Secure Entry Points

Ensure that people entering the construction site are wearing the essential safety clothing and carrying the right identification.

– Patrol the Construction Site
Regular patrolling of the construction site during day and night ensures that nothing illegal occurs at the site and no one is trespassing.

– Conflict Management

Conflicts can erupt at any time between workers. A security guard is trained to handle them in the right manner so they don’t turn violent.

– Fire Watch

A good security guard also has additional training like fire watch. This is instrumental in improving safety at the site.

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