Pre-Vacation Home Security Check List

July 6, 2015

Planning a vacation with the family? Well before you go out and have fun, here are some of the check lists that you must get done to ensure the safety of your home and valuable things.

1. Outside the home

  • Check all the security equipments that you have installed at the driveway and the gates. Call up one of the security guard companies in Calgary if you have any problems with any of them.
  • Pull everything inside the garage that can be used to make an entry to the house. Items like ladders and boxes must be kept out from the premises.
  • If you are in a habit of putting spare keys outside the house to get the access inside, then make sure you are removing all the hidden spare keys from their respective places before going. Check the car and if you have kept a spare key inside the glove box, take it from there if you are not taking the car along with you.
  • Call security guard services and appoint a guard that will take care of the house when you will be away.

2. Inside Your Home

  • Ensure that you are plugging off all the electronic items. Make sure you are switching off computers, TV, coffee maker, and other equipments. This will eliminate any chances of fire that might be caused due to short circuit.
  • Set up the light timers so that they switch on the lights in the night time. This will create an impression that someone is at home.
  • If you have transparent windows in the rooms then pull down the blinds to make sure no one gets a clear view of inside.
  • Make sure you are putting the home security system on alert basis. Many people tend to forget to switch on the system before they leave for a vacation.
  • Turn the knobs of burner to off position and ensure that you have switched off the supply of gas in the kitchen.
  • If you have timer function installed in the cameras, then switch them off so that they record the footage all the time.
  • You can get the additional security by installing the motion sensors and the alarms at the main and the rear doors if you don’t have them.
  • Check all the doors and windows and ensure that they are properly locked. If you don’t have a right security mechanism for the locking, make sure that you are getting a new one installed before you leave.
  • Update the security of the house before you leave on the trip. You can contact any security guard companies in Calgary that gives you the best of services. You must also get the areas covered under security that you think might not be vulnerable for break-in.


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