How To Pick The Right Security Agency For Your Special Event

March 9, 2015

Any special event definitely needs tight security. This holds true whether the event is in a public location, outdoors or inside a private building. If you want the event to start and end without a glitch, one of the things you need to ensure is that the location is secure. From security guards to technological solutions, you have a host of options to employ to enhance the security at your event.

However, when it comes to security, the best option is to hire a security agency as opposed to handling it on your own. This way, you get one major responsibility off your hands. A good security agency offers viable security solutions that will fit in with your planned special event.

So, how do you pick the right security agency for the event?


Take a look at the experience of the security agency. Past experience will indicate how well the security agency will be at managing special events. Go through the previous events, and even various jobs they have fulfilled.

Talk to Previous Clients

Ask for references and talk to their previous clients. This way, you do not only get a perspective from the security agency, but you also get the clients’ perspective too.

Qualified Security Guards

A security agency is only as good as the security guards they have.

– What training do they have?

– What experience do they carry?

– How well-versed are they with handling crisis situations?

– If you’re organizing a public event, you will want security guards who are familiar with crowd control.

Security guards are going to be the ones who implement security on the ground, so ensure the security agency has qualified ones.

Technological Solutions

Technological solutions can improve the security of any event.

– Video Surveillance: You have eyes on all parts of the event at all times. It is an effective way to catch a threat before it disrupts your event.

– Detectors: If your event is very high profile, detectors can ensure that everyone entering it is unarmed.

– Radios: Radios are not just effective at coordinating the execution of the event, but helps the security guards coordinate between themselves. This way, wrong doers and potential threats can be efficiently cornered and removed from the event.

Security Solutions

A really good security agency will offer to analyze your event location, identify potential risks and provide various solutions. A security solution will include elements like:

– The most basic way to tighten up event security is to limit the entry points. This includes locking backdoors and setting up barriers. This is even more vital if your event is accessible to invite only.

– Best points to set up cameras.

– Emergency plans also need to be made in case of medical or a fire emergency.

Ask yourself – How effective will this security solution be at protecting your event?

It’s simple – pick a security agency that fits within these criteria.

Over thinking security is not an issue when it comes to managing an event, it is not thinking about it that is a worry. Hiring a security agency is the best step you can take to have an event that runs without a hitch.

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