Why should you outsource your security?

September 21, 2014

Security guards are imperative for any organization. Not only do they give you the feeling of safety, they actually protect your institute, building, premise, etc. from theft and vandalism. However, there is the question of how you should hire your security guards. Do you setup interviews and hire experiencedsecurity guards on your own? Or, do you outsource it to a professional agency that specialises in security?

For various reasons, a professional security agency is a much better option than trying to build your own security team.


There is a big misconception that outsourcing your security will cost big bucks. This is not true.Consider hiring your own security guards. You have to pay the person’s salary and Federal taxes, you will have to set up a Canada Pension Plan and Employment Insurance for the employee. Additionally, you have to pay for equipment, uniform and any administration fees.

All this is not required when you hire a security agency. They take care of the payment of their own employees. This makes it cheaper than actually hiring and managing your own security team.

A Flexible Workforce

A security agency has a large workforce so if a security guard falls ill, a replacement is on hand. If you were to build your own security team, budget constraints will force you to only stick to the exact number of security guards you need. But, what if a guard gets ill?

Better Trained and Professional

The security guardthat an agency employees are trained and certified guards. If you do hire a security guard, do you bother with a stringent background check to ensure the credentials are correct and he isn’t associated with any criminals?

Well, a security agency does have very stringent checks. In addition, their guards undergo training regularly to keep them up to date on the latest technology developments that will help them.

Set up Equipment

One of the best ways to enhance the security of the location is to bring in better equipment like security cameras or a patrol car around the campus. Buying and setting up equipment on your own is expensive, plus you don’t have the expertise. You don’t know which camera models are best and creating your own security patrol car is not as simple as pimping a ride.

A security agency has the equipment on hand to fit all kinds of needs and they have the expertise to install it.

You are Hiring a Team with Experience

A good security agency has years of experience to provide you the best security solution. They have the experience to understand your requirements and come up with a security strategy that fits within that. Additionally, if they find means to improve your security in ways you didn’t even think of.

When you set up your own team, you are creating your own security solution, except that you don’t have the experience to back it up.

Everyone has their own line of expertise. A security agency knows their stuff inside out and that makes it a much better option to hire them. It will save you a ton of headaches and costs in the long run.


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