Oil Sands Security: Explained

May 5, 2015

The site of an oil and gas organizations are one of the most dangerous sites to work on. You need to be very careful while working and every step requires caution. As they are one of the most expensive natural resources, you need to be extra attentive while working in a field like this. The oil sands security requirements in Alberta have increased a lot in the recent years. The major reason is the competition. As oil sands are very explosive, you need to be alert all the time as one minor mistake can cause serious hazards and you may end up losing a lot. So this brings up the question that why you need a security to a plant that involves such hazardous activities. The answer lies in the protection of your employees and the business.

According to the government law you need to have a certain requirement for oil sands security Calgary. The best way to get your site secured by any such hazards is taking a professional help. The oil sands security demands professional approach where everything is taken care of in a way that you feel safe working in a secured environment. As these sites have to work 24/7 at times, you need a proper evaluated security at every level. The best way to guard a oil station is by appointing of well trained security guards. the oil sands security Calgary provide you with the best of well trained staff as you cannot have the normal guards for the oil sands security as it involves many other important things to kept tab at. The security guards for these type of security are well trained and have years of experience in the similar field. They are well acquainted in managing the situation and if needed they are well aware of the exit plan strategies.

Having just the guards for the security is not enough in the oil sand stations. You need to use the sophisticated equipments to have an eye at every level of management. The use of CCTV cameras ensures that you can keep a tab on the work and the minutest of details at the working of the staff. These cameras are equipped with night vision so that the premises under the low light conditions are also secured too. These CCTV cameras are backed by the motion sensors that trigger the alarms when any such unwanted activity of break-in is reported.

As oil sands site are one of the most explosive sites to work on, you need to install sensors that detect the smoke and fire and trigger the alarm. A slightest mistake in these sites can result in quite a lot of damage and you need to be sure of everything. The sensors are connected to the water sprinklers and the slightest hint of smoke triggers the alarms and the sprinklers both. The importance of the workers and the employees are the biggest concern for every organization and with the right security you can be at peace.


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