Oil Sands Security: All you need to know

April 27, 2015

Working in oil sands is one of them most hazardous place to work in. you need to be careful of many things while working in the environment like this. As we all know, scenarios have changed and the competition have increased to big levels. Now you have to safeguard your working place from so many things including safety from insiders and outsiders alike. To get the best security guards Calgary services, you need to make sure what kind of security you are looking for. The security can be had in packages where you can opt for oil sands security for the complete protection of your site. You need to safeguard not only the business, but also the employees who are associated with it. According to the survey done by oil sands security Alberta, it was estimated that thousands of dollars are lost every year due to lack of security within the premises. Why you need security packages for oil sands security? What makes it so hazardous? Why you need a security system specifically designed for it?

  1. All round protection

As one of the most hazardous site to work on, you need to make sure that all the activities within the premises are monitored. For this, you need close circuit cameras that keep an eye on all the workings of the employees 24/7. The security guards on site ensure that every person who is coming and going from the site is kept a tab on and any person who is not having the pass is not allowed to enter the site. As with the security companies, you get the best of security guards Calgary, you can be sure of the best security service.

  1. Right equipments

Having the security is a different things and having a security that is designed specifically for the oil sands security is another. As the site demands more attention, the proper uses of equipments along with the security guards give you the best all round protection. With the use of CCTV cameras, motion sensors, fire alarms, you can ensure the safety around the premises all the time. The cameras can be monitored on the go with these of the application that lets you watch the activities on your tablet or smart phones even when you are on the move. The fire alarm ensures that the slightest hint of fire triggers the safety water sprinklers and the activation of the alarm to save you from catastrophic damages.

As you have see, the right security system not only gives you a peace of mind, but also creates an environment where you feel safe to work. The right combination of equipments, security guard services makes the oil sands security Alberta the perfect solution for all your safety needs. So contact us for the best all round protection at your site for complete peace of mind.


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