Do You Need VIP Security Protection (Calgary Specific)

November 25, 2014

VIP protection is the best way to ensure your personal safety. Calgary has already seen 19 homicides, that is 5 more than last year. April saw one of the worst crimes in the city when 5 people were brutally stabbed to death. Calgary may rate low on the Crime Severity Index, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

And, VIP protection is not there just to protect you from death, you can get mugged or beaten just out of the blue or because someone has a personal vendetta against you.

Most importantly, break the label that VIP is only meant for public personalities or powerful people. If you need one, you should consider it simply because your personal safety is at risk.

1. You have been Threatened

Identify serious threats from the frivolous ones. As humans, we are emotional. Get on someone’s bad side hard enough and they may throw around a few threats, but a normal person won’t act it out.

However, there will be persons who will give out threats that are grave and have to be considered seriously. Does this person have a criminal history? Is he a thug on the street who has takes part in illegal activities? Is he known to indulge in violent activities? A person who has already indulged in criminal and violent activities has no problem acting out his threats.

2. Negative Media Attention

You never know when your name will explode on media and have a negative effect. Perfect example would Dr. Matt Taylor who spoke about European Space Mission to land a probe on the comet. His appearance caused a feminist stir with lot of hateful comments and content streaming online.

If ever you shoot up onto the spot light in such a manner, don’t take these online threats lightly.

3. Public Appearances

Do you make many public appearances and give talks? VIP security helps build a perimeter around your appearance to make sure it is safe. From the crowd going out of control to a few dissidences creating a problem for you, a VIP protection ensures you’re not harmed during these events.

4. High Ranking Executive

If you are a high ranking executive in a company, then you should seriously consider VIP protection. Your personal safety is not only a concern, but you are also vital to the business operations. Your decisions impact a large range of people and some of them won’t always be happy.

5. You are Being Stalked

Stalking is a very serious issue. It’s a violation of your privacy and can lead to physical harm. This is especially serious if have experienced stalking in the past. A restraining order is just a piece of paper and Calgary police department will take time to arrive once called.

Always take your personal safety into account. You do have the option to apply for protection from Calgary Police Department. However, it is only when you have a strong case to fear for your safety that they even consider giving you VIP protection. VIP protection for a private security agency ensures you’re safe at the right time.


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