Why You Need a Security Guard At Your Construction Site (Calgary Specific)

November 25, 2014

A construction site is a hazardous place that needs tight security. Whether it is compliance standards you have to keep to, prevention of trespassing by civilians or improvement of emergency response, a security guard will be of a great help than just ‘standing outside’ the construction site. A good security agency in Calgary will be able to provide you with skilled and experienced security guards.

Here’s why you need a security guard at your construction site in Calgary.

Ensure Compliance Standards are Met

Health and safety regulations have to be in check. You cannot have anyone entering the construction site without a hard hat and other safety equipment. At the same time, you can’t have civilians, who don’t belong at the construction site, entering it.

A security guard is equipped to communicate well enough that such compliance standards cannot be violated without causing any problem.

Keep people out after hours

At the end of the day, the construction premises must be protected from unauthorized entry in the form of addicts and homeless people. Over 3,500 people are homeless in Calgary and under construction homes and buildings give them an opportunity to get a roof over their head. However, construction sites are hazardous and unsafe for them; plus they are trespassing on your property.

Similarly, a construction site is prone to vandalism and graffiti. Property and equipment can be damaged and graffiti will just increase the workload and cost at the construction site.

Fire Watch

An under-construction building does not have an adequate system of fire prevention. Rather, it depends on the competent and regulated working of labor to prevent fire. A security guard is trained to watch out for signs of potential fire. More importantly, if there is a fire, he knows how to act to ensure that all employees are evacuated out of the site, keep the fire damage to a minimum, call the Calgary fire department and help them cordon off the area. Studies have shown that by immediately calling the fire department, the damage can be greatly reduced.

Emergency Response

Any construction site in Calgary is prone to dangers. Anything can happen at any time. Security guards are trained to assist and act during any emergency. It can be a construction emergency where something breaks or someone is injured.

A good security guard is trained in medical aid and procedures to provide the best assistance to any injured worker. Additionally, he ensures that professional response teams like the paramedics are called immediately. Such things matter in crisis situations.

Any construction site has to implement standard safety measures, stringent processes and keep unwanted persons out of the premises. A trained security guard will be able to do all of this as long as you hire a good security agency like GPS Security in Calgary.


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