What You Need To Know About Next-Gen Tech Battling Crime

October 29, 2014

No matter how many times you watch movies featuring those next-gen gadgets, we don’t realize how many of those are actually here right now. Technology is evolving in the battle against crime. It is giving security services and police forces the ability to do more with less.

Next-gen technology is already on the ground, running trials with various police forces around the world.

Google Glass

Google Glass is largely still in its testing phase, but NYPD has already got its hand on it for trials. Currently, it is largely being used for recording the activities of a police officer. It allows the Police Headquarters to review the real time actions of their officers.

According to NYPD deputy commissioner Stephen Davis, “The devices have not been deployed in any actual field or patrol operations, but rather are being assessed as to how they may be appropriately utilized or incorporated into any existing technology-based functions”.

Body Cameras

LAPD is experimenting with several light weight and small body cameras. It is being seen as a helpful tool in reviewing a police officer’s conduct and clearing their name when accused of illegal action.

Austin Police Force

The police force in Austin, Texas is completely in sync with GPS systems. They have a large number of inbuilt technologies in the car that allow them to track crimes, get directions, run the in-car camera, have mobile fingerprint checks, driver license scans and other record checks.

With in-built GPS systems, the Austin police force is able to have real-time crime centre monitoring, improve their response times and most importantly, have an extremely good coordination with various patrols.


PubNub is leading the software revolution when it comes to innovations. It allows any company to create a real-time networkthat connectswith people through device infrastructures and real time applications. PubNub has created several applications to deal with security.

Guardly is an application available online for both the Android and iOS phones. Using a phone GPS feature, Guardly allows the user to contact family, friends and emergency services when in danger.

IXP Corporation

IXP has been transforming the 911 emergency system to include various facets of the technological development. It allows the emergency system to incorporate all technology platforms from the PC, laptop, tablet and smartphones.

IXP are the ones who have come up with NG9-1-1. It has developed an emergency call to text, images and videos for the public to reach out to the right emergency service.

GPS Security

Along with these, your local Security Service in Alberta, GPS Security, also evolves with technology. Our integration with advanced GPS System allows us to act and serve our clients better. GPS Security Patrols are able to have quick and well-coordinated responses to various alarms. Clients, on the other hand, at any point can check up on a security patrol through the GPS system provided.

No doubt we are still far from the day of seeing RobCop on the street, but until then, police and security services are getting better at their job by utilizing advanced technology.


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