The Impact Natural Disasters Have On Cyber Security

December 15, 2022

The Impact Natural Disasters Have On Cyber Security

Whenever an organization implements modern cyber security services and procedures, they primarily focus on the different types of cyber attacks they are likely to face. However, it is important to recognize the fact that natural disasters also have a significant impact on cyber security services and how a professional cyber security company can protect you.

The Importance Of Considering Natural Disasters in Cyber Security

It is important to consider the impact of natural disasters while creating a comprehensive cyber security plan. Hackers try to benefit from natural disasters as they are aware of the fact that people are already frightened and panicked at such a time, so they have a higher chance of cracking IT systems.

Moreover, there are some situations, such as when your business area is hit by a storm, your IT systems may fail and become even more vulnerable to different types of cyber attacks.

A professional cyber security company is capable of factoring in all of these while providing reliable cyber security services. As a result, a company is able to prevent cybercrime from being committed or at least minimize its impact.

Examples Of A Natural Disasters Impact On CyberSecurity

It is understandable that whenever there is any natural disaster, such as an earthquake or flood, the first priority is always to save as many people as possible. It is difficult to think of cyber security procedures in such a challenging situation.

However, cyber security breaches during natural disasters can cause your business to lose a lot of money and result in the leaking of confidential data, which can be quite catastrophic.

Examples of the relationship between natural disasters and cyber security can be found all over the world. In the US, experts say that Hurricane Katrina was the costliest natural disaster in history. The hurricane also affected some regions of Canada and other neighbouring countries.

Malicious hackers and cybercriminals took advantage of this natural disaster and made a lot of money by scamming people and asking for funds for disaster relief. Similarly, the personal information of the victims was obtained and sold illegally. The FBI had to constitute a special task force to deal with the fraudulent activities being conducted during and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. A similar trend was seen in the USA during Hurricane Florence.

Another major natural disaster was Hurricane Fiona, which hit Nova Scotia, Canada, in September 2022. It is said to be the costliest hurricane in Canadian history as other than the damage that it caused to infrastructure, it also knocked out telecommunication networks and IT systems.

As a result, a significant increase in ransomware attacks and other cyber crimes was seen after Hurricane Fiona.

The purpose of discussing these various examples is to show that even if a natural disaster does not impact an organization physically, it can still affect its IT systems if proper cybersecurity protocols are not implemented.

No company wants its data or IT systems to be breached by hackers, so it is important to rely on a professional cybersecurity company that implements the best cybersecurity protocols to protect your business in all situations.

Focus On Preparation

Cyber attacks have become much more common than ever before. It would not be wrong to assume that every company is vulnerable to different kinds of cyber attacks. Therefore, preparation is key to preventing any significant damage from cyber attacks.

You should train your internal staff to properly shut down the systems in case of an emergency and make sure they are capable of dealing with such situations to prevent damage from cyber attacks.

It is understandable that small-scale companies typically cannot spend too much money on buying modern cybersecurity equipment. Therefore, such companies should outsource their cybersecurity services to a reliable cybersecurity company that can take care of all of their IT security needs.

By implementing modern cyber security protocols, a company can remain protected against all types of cyber attacks in different situations.

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