Your Must-Have Home Security Checklist

March 9, 2015

Security at home should be the highest priority, if it is not, then you are putting yourself and your loved ones at risk. A checklist is an extremely efficient way to ensure that your home has the best security possible. Fortunately, your home is not the White House where every single terrorist organization and rouge state dreams of blowing it apart. The threats and risk your home faces are on a much lower scale.

For a resident of Calgary, your main concern should be home invasions and robbery. A home security checklist makes certain that when you leave your home or go to sleep in the night, your home is impregnable.

Curbing the Shrubs on the Lawn

Shrubbery on your lawn can provide the perfect cover for a criminal to approach your house without being noticed. As best as possible, trim them down so that people can’t sneak behind them.

Check the Locks

Before you leave your home or go to sleep in the night, you need to check all the locks. This is the most basic check you can do. An unlocked door or window literally invites a criminal to hop into your house.

It is extremely important that you make this a habit when you leave the house, or are about to go to sleep.

Garage and Outdoor Buildings

A large number of home invasions occur because the garage door has been left unlocked. Ensure the garage door has been shut at the end of the day. Also, check upon any other outdoor houses you may have like the tool shed.

Take a Round around the House

By taking a quick round around the house, you ensure that nothing has been left outside. Chances are that bicycles, ladders and any other tools and toys will be robbed by the time the sun comes up the next day.

Set up an Alarm System

An even more effective way of ensuring security at home is through an alarm system. This ensures that if you’re home is actually broken into, you are made aware whether you are at home or not. Furthermore, the security agency will immediately dispatch a patrol unit to ensure your safety.

Get the Family in

If you’re living with your family, you have to make them aware of the security checklist. There is no point of locking the doors, if a family member is going to unlock them later on.

Be Prepared

As unpleasant as it sounds, you should be prepared for a home invasion with you under the roof. The things to keep in the mind are:

– Having the police number on speed dial

– An escape plan in place

– Best hiding spots if escape is not possible

You need to cover all of these points in your home security checklist. Don’t even think about missing one of them. Home security is not to be take a lightly and a simple checklist can do wonders to tighten up things around the house.


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