Most Common Event Security Threats

December 15, 2015

Planning an event must be done in such a way so that you stay away from all the possible risks. Event security matters a lot and you might end up into lot of trouble, if you are not going to opt for one. You need to ensure that you have taken all the right steps in order to give your team, guests, and the attendees to save them from what might cause them harm.

1. Equipment Theft

Equipments theft is one of the most common risks that are faced by almost all the people who plan events. It is also one of the most difficult things to prevent, as there are so many people attending the event and it might not be possible for you to keep an eye on them all. Well, you might not be able to stop it completely from happening, but you can take some of the preventive measures like:

  • Hire a security company that will take care of all the risks that might be faced by you during the event.
  • Having an added security to the areas where critical equipments are stored.
  • Setting up the security equipments that will help you to keep an eye on whole of the events like CCTV cameras and video monitoring.
  • Having the volunteers at the exit and entry points so that a theft should report it immediately to security staff or a team lead.

2. Violent Crime

Events might not be safe from the violent crimes also and you have to make sure that none of the attendees is carrying any weapon or any equipment that might be harmful for the safety of the people attending it. There are actually quite a few violent and potentially violent security threats you’ll need to take into account like:

  • As the recent terrorism activates have increased, there might be a risk of the event getting targeted by a terrorist organization, you nevertheless shouldn’t ignore the possibility. The best way to safeguard you against such risks is taking the security from a good company. Depending on the likelihood and severity of the threat, you might even require armed guards or canine sweeps
  • If the event is going to be attendant by a special guest, then you need to be extra careful about his or her security. Make sure you’ve arranged for them to be properly protected by your staff. If something terrible happens to them, it’s on you.

Last but not the least, always ensure that you have take event security from a company that has years of experience in the same. As long as you’ve sufficient security staff, you can be sure that the people who are attending the event are safe and secured. They not only give you the right protection, but they do their work with honesty.


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