Mobile Surveillance Trailers are Beneficial for the Healthcare Industry

February 10, 2017


With technological advancements in the healthcare industry, there are better machinery and services available today. Thus, the need for healthcare security is also increasing to safeguard these advancements. While CCTV cameras are still widely used in this industry, the importance of mobile surveillance trailers is also increasing. Mobile surveillance trailers are trailers mounted with camera and streaming systems that can be deployed to different places. These systems can easily monitor the large areas of hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical factories, etc. Here are some reasons why this latest video surveillance system is beneficial for the healthcare industry.

Wireless Streaming

Mobile surveillance trailers can stream live footages to the monitoring station. Real-time footages can also be obtained on smartphone or tablet according to one’s convenience. These video footages are saved and stored for future monitoring. This can help in controlling criminal activities in or around the property. In addition, these surveillance trailers can also help in monitoring the activities of the staff and visitors.

Better Coverage

These mobile surveillance trailers are generally fitted with 2-4 cameras. These cameras have a wide vision range of about 100 meters. The height of the mast on which the cameras are mounted can be adjusted according to the requirements.

Solar Solution

Healthcare industry requires safety systems 24/7. Solar panels are not totally dependent on solar power. They can function well when the power goes off. These units can function well up to 4 months without recharging in summers and up to 2 months in winters. This means that they have the ability to maintain healthcare security during emergencies like power-cut.

Energy Efficient

Apart from having solar panels, mobile surveillance trailer batteries can be recharged with the help of a diesel generator to recharge the batteries during less sunny or rainy days. These diesel generators are comparatively environment-friendly and energy efficient.

Flexible Monitoring

Unlike CCTV cameras, mobile surveillance trailers are movable and portable. They can be deployed anywhere to look after the safety of that area. They are self-contained, which means they aren’t limited or localized to just one place and can be used anywhere and everywhere. They can monitor the activities of the staff from any part of the workplace.

Safety From Criminals

Mobile surveillance trailers can be easily spotted. The presence itself acts as a deterrent for the criminals. It avoids the criminals from accessing the restricted or prohibited areas, hack the electronic system, burglary, or commit any kind of crime. This way, the identities, information, and records of the patients are safe with the help of these mobile video surveillance.

Also, they have an ability to be outfitted with blinding strobe lights, loud sirens, and the delivery of audio commands. Criminals can be easily caught using these additional features.

You can get maximum health care security by adding these units along with other security systems to your property. Get in touch with our Edmonton security service providers, GPS to know more about surveillance trailers or other systems and devices to keep your business safe.


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