Mobile Patrols: Advantage in Security

May 11, 2015

Sometimes you need a security on the go. You need a specific kind of security that you can have according to different needs. Security that is not just depended on the guards that you have on your premises, or the security that you have as the surveillance system, but a security that you can choose to have according to the need. Many times, you need a security that gives you protection on the goods in transit or the protection to a certain employee of the company. This is where you need mobile patrols services. These services are a bit different from the security guard services that you generally hire. Mobile patrol officers are specifically trained for the job and they give you the best of security by randomly patrolling your premises, giving you the added benefit of keeping an eye on your business. Some of the advantages of having a mobile security:

  • The monitoring is done 24/7 with use of specialized equipments giving you round the clock protection. You can choose to have specific location secured at the specific time with option of safety of your staff and employees or goods.
  • Uniformed patrolling officers take rounds of your premises at predetermined time with unmarked vehicles and keep a tab on the safety of employees. If you need to get any member of the staff escorted, they make sure that they are safely reached to the destination. All this is done at a fraction of the cost of a full time security.
  • You can choose to have routine or random patrolling at your premises to have added protection.
  • If there is any reported security breach, the patrolling officer will summon the local police and all the emergency services will be directed towards your location through the control room that is active 24/7.
  • You can choose to have multiple locations covered under the patrol even if they are at a distance from one another.
  • These security services are very cost effective as you only pay for what you utilize.

So how a mobile security is different from normal security? Well, in mobile security, you have an option to appoint the security guards at different time of the day and according to your needs. They don’t need to be present at all the times in your premises for the security. For example, if your organization transports valuable goods twice a week from one location to another, then you will need a mobile patrol security two times a week. They will ensure that the goods dispatch from your place with all the security arrangements and reaches to the destination safely. There are many Calgary mobile patrols company that provide you with well trained mobile patrolling staff that can take care of your every security need. As one of the best security company in Calgary, we give you well trained staff that can be relied on under any situation.


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