Mobile Patrol Services

April 13, 2015

Mobile patrol services provide you with the security services on the go. If you have some important goods in the transit, or you want some employee of your staff transported in the security, then this is where the need of patrol security arises. The Calgary mobile patrols company gives you the right security services on the go. Here are the areas where you need the mobile patrols services.

  • Assessment of the risk

There are many ways an intruder can force a way in into your property. You need to be sure of the security measures that you have adopted so that your premises remain safe under the threat. The security guard services give you all the necessary security services that you may need.

  • Security of the staff

There may be a time when a certain staff member needs to be escorted with security as he may be carrying some important document or information. In this case mobile patrols services will provide you with the security officer that will make sure that the staff member is transported with the security to the destination.

  • Premises security

The security company in Calgary also gives you the security of the premises of your company. It makes sure that the property is secured during and at the end of the trade and you can have the service extended for professional as well as corporate buildings.

  • Transit of the cash

This is the most important par where the mobile security services are needed. Mostly banks require the transit of huge amounts of cash from one place to another but there are many business houses that transport cash from one location to another within the city. Under this case you need a heavy security that goes along in the transit to make sure the cash is transported safely to the destination. This service helps you to transit valuables like jewelry and other expensive items as well. Each of the security is assessed every 12 months.

  • Equipment checks

Patrol officers also make sure that the equipments in the premises are kept under tab and each of the activity is reported at the right time. This includes keeping a tab on the alarms, air conditioning on the premises, malfunctioning of the equipments and so on. The security company in Calgary provides you with the trained officers for the job.

  • Data handling

The security systems also make sure that the data is secured within the premises. The mobile patrol are monitored by the real time data analyzer which makes sure that the patrolling is done rightly and all the comprehensive reports of the patrolling is available to the client. The client can verify the data and recheck if the premises were secured and the patrolling was done in the right manner or not. This gives the client a control on the data as he can cross check it real time.


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