Common Misconceptions About Security Guards

August 11, 2022


The use of security guards in Edmonton has become normal due to the rising crime rates in the area. Thanks to Edmonton’s best private security providers, your loved ones and your property will be protected. However, a lot of people are confused about their knowledge to hire security services.

There are many misconceptions about security personnel. Many of them have been brought on by movies or TV shows. Most people believe that working as a security guard is uninteresting, doesn’t require any formal training, and doesn’t include any authentic duties. Another common misconception is that security guards are lazy rude individuals who spend their whole day eating.

But the reality is quite the opposite. The safety of individuals and their assets is dependent on the security guards’ performance. Their work is of the utmost importance and requires a wide range of skills.

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To help you understand the security industry better, here we have busted some common myths about security guards.

Security Guards Should Be Strong And Muscular

Contrary to widespread opinion, security guards are not required to resemble professional strongmen. Their physical fitness is a great attribute, no doubt. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that their muscles have to be visible. In reality, a physically fit guard can stop robbers, but other abilities and traits are more crucial and can be just as effective in risky circumstances.

A security guards’ primary responsibilities, which include de-escalating confrontations and preventing crime, are made easier by their observational abilities, capacity to stay attentive and focused, and strong communication skills.

Additionally, big and muscular guards are not appropriate for every job. Some employers want average-sized men who can blend in, remain undetectable, and avoid drawing notice. Businesses operating in an office atmosphere should pay particular attention to this.

Security Guards Are Lazy And Their Jobs Are Boring

No one would hire security guards if they were unreliable to protect them. They are expected to be sharp and active. This misunderstanding is mostly due to TV shows that show them snoozing off on stools or munching on food in the monitor room.

Additionally, businesses that offer security services have a variety of strategies for increasing the productivity of their security team

Security Guards Don’t Need Any Training

The most dominant misconception is the one that says anyone can work as a security guard and it doesn’t need any special training. In reality, security guards receive extensive training in a variety of subjects, including problem-solving skills, emergency procedures, legal restrictions, and physical exercise.

Security officers must be able to react appropriately and find solutions to a wide range of problems. They need to have the ability to foresee such situations and choose the right responses. A security guard must be constantly aware and watchful of his/her surroundings.

A Woman Cannot Be A Security Guard

Without a question, men dominate in the security guard profession. When asked what a typical security guard looks like, most likely only men come to mind. However, that does not mean that women don’t work in this industry.

As was previously said, a good security guard must possess the following qualities: abilities, training, and experience, and both men and women are capable of possessing them.

Women are increasingly being hired as security guards nowadays. It’s both for the sake of diversity and because women can bring a wide range of excellent qualities to the industry that are much needed.

Security Officers Are Always Armed

Security officers are not police officers, and they often don’t have a gun on them at the workplace. Security guards rarely possess it, and when they do, they must take additional training courses and stick to more stringent safety regulations.

There seems to be a widespread misconception that a security guard’s duties primarily involve immediate and forceful responses to problems. Above all, security officers work to foresee and minimize risks. They want to prevent crime from happening and keep everything under control.

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