Top 5 Common Misconceptions About Fire Watch Security Services

October 20, 2022


Fire watch security services play an integral role in maximizing the security of a business. You can rely on a professional security guard company in Edmonton to get the best fire watch security services.

However, if you are not sure whether these services are essential to your business, keep reading to clear up the common misconceptions people have about such services. These misconceptions and doubts have become more prevalent with the rising popularity of security services.

The primary goal of any security service is to keep a business or individual safe from different types of accidents and mishaps. Fire security services, specifically, deal with fire-related incidents.

The following are some of the most common misconceptions related to fire watch security services.

1. Expensive Services

Many businesses, especially small-scale companies, wrongly assume that professional security services are very expensive and out of their budget. However, the cost of professional fire watch security services is quite affordable, especially when you compare it with the amount of money it can help you save in the long run by avoiding security disasters.

Even if you think that security services are out of your budget, you should still discuss your requirements with a professional fire watch security guard company to determine whether they can fulfill your needs under a certain budget.

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2. Untrained Security Guards

Another common misconception about the fire watch security services is that they are uneducated or untrained. In reality, they have to go through rigorous training to deal with any kind of emergency situation.

Training and obtaining licenses and certifications to become a professional fire watch security guard is essential. Reliable security guard companies also make sure that they are hiring the best security professionals who are fully qualified to react quickly to different dangerous situations.

3. Security Guards Are Lazy

Many people think that security guards are lazy as they don’t have to do anything on the job and just pass the time. However, this is not true as security guards have to be on their toes at all times to deal with any kind of security threat.

Security guards are always observing people, detecting any type of suspicious activity, and reacting accordingly. As a result, the job can take a significant toll on the mental and physical health of the security guards.

Security guards take care of many different tasks and responsibilities. They play an integral role in preventing a crime from happening in the first place. Even if a company has some specific security-related requirements, you should thoroughly discuss them with the security company to find the optimum solution.

4. Security Guards Can Spread Fear

Some businesses fear that having security guards present on the premises can spread fear and terror among employees and customers. However, it is not necessary for all security guards to have weapons at all times.

Professional fire watch security guards are fully trained to have essential weapons and tools for emergency situations. It is understandable that not every situation requires a weapon, so professional security experts will only use weapons when it is absolutely essential.

5. Security Services Have Odd Timings

Some people think that security guards work at odd times at all times. However, this is not necessarily true for all types of businesses and security services. The demand for security guards in odd times is required by some businesses to eliminate various security threats.

The chances of a crime, unusual activity, or a fire incident are quite high at odd times, such as during the night. Having a professional fire watch security guard present at your business site at all times is a reliable and effective way of preventing security threats from turning into something serious.

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