Top Methods To Prevent Movie Piracy

March 31, 2022


Pirates are not only there in the legends, in movies, or the seas. Pirates are present in the digital world as well – stealing content and sharing it with others. While in the past pirated content was not as accessible today it has become a norm. It comes in various forms, from television content to illegal streaming links, and sharing OTT platform passwords.

Digital piracy can be virtually everywhere. This means businesses looking for piracy security have a lot on their hands to deal with and need to go the extra mile to combat problems.

So, if you are one of the thousands losing a lot of money due to digital piracy, the information in the following blog can be helpful. This blog post explains some countermeasures you can take to combat the actions of the non-ending chain of opportunistic digital pirates.

Educate Your Audience

Piracy has become so mainstream that people don’t even realize that it is an illegal thing to do. So, to stop this behavior, you have to start protecting your content by educating your audience.

There are many ways to carry out this effort. For example, you can have short ads during your content or warning strips running at the bottom of the screen. Similarly, if you have a TV show, you can dedicate some time to remind the audience that piracy is a misstep and can lead to fierce consequences.

By doing so you can remind them of the risk they put themselves in, including malware and viruses and legal consequences if they are caught doing so.

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Block Credential Sharing

As the consumption of video content shifts to OTT platforms, credential sharing has been the biggest problem. Your company probably loses a quarter chunk of its possible revenue due to many people using the same premium account.

You can do this by using plug-ins to control simultaneous log-ins. Similarly, you can control concurrent logins by generating a unique ID every time the account is logged in. Improvements in coding and algorithms have given non-ending controlling liberty at the backend of these platforms.

Restrict Video Playbacks

Another way to control the concurrent use of the same premium account is by restricting the total watch time for every user. Typically, a user will not watch a lecture or motivational speech twice or thrice. Depending on your user’s behavior you can restrict the playback time of the videos.

This is a simple way to make sure that your video is not being watched by multiple people without them paying for it.

Use Anti-piracy Services

There are various anti-piracy or video security services available in the market. Hiring a trusted security company to protect your video content enables you to get a hold of all illegal links and streaming sources.

These services allow you to take down any illegal links and sometimes even remove the content source completely. Some services, like that of GPS security, go as deep as recognizing and identifying who is pirating your content.

The next step after the identification of the pirates will generally depend on you. The action can be as soft as offering them access to the legal content by offering a promotion. Or as harsh as giving the data to law enforcement agencies and carrying out a lawsuit.

In many cases, it is better to avoid the latter, as it only complicates things. The best way to curb the problem is by taking down the content from the internet.

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