What makes a good Bodyguard?

January 28, 2015

When we think of ‘bodyguard’, the image that comes to mind is the elusive and black suited members of the Secret Service. However, there is a reason the American President has the most elite bodyguard service protecting him – he’s the most powerful man in the free world.

On the ground level of Calgary, you do not need a Secret Service agent to protect you. Rather, a well trained bodyguard is good enough. A bodyguard receives training that distinguishes him from security guards. Not anyone can do it.

So what makes a bodyguard well trained enough to protect a person?

Look out for Suspicious People

A bodyguard’s biggest asset is the ability to spot a suspicious character at a single glance. This is an ability that comes from good body language reading skills. It is the reason you find a bodyguard steps out of the car or building before the client. It is to survey the area and ensure there are no threats against the client.

Escape Plans

A bodyguard’s role is to ensure the client is safe, not to necessarily deal with the threat. He is trained to be aware of how to remove the client from the danger area and get him to safety. This includes always knowing various exit points and the quickest route to the car.


The responsibility of the bodyguard varies depending on what the role is. A bodyguard can be a driver, work with a team of bodyguards or work solo. Each role demands a different responsibility. A solo bodyguard demands more responsibility, while working in a team allows distribution of tasks.

VIP Protect

Protecting a VIP requires more skill than an ordinary bodyguard. VIPs are often celebrities or at least well known people who have to appear at public events. A bodyguard is expected to know how to deal with mobs to even paparazzi to borderline stalker fans. With news reports of celebrity bodyguards assaulting photographers and fans, it’s important to have a bodyguard who can calmly handle the situation and discourage such people.

First Aid

Knowing first aid and CPR procedures can save a client’s life.

Always Stay with the Principal

One vital philosophy that any good bodyguard is expected to abide by is to always stay close to the client. This is the best way to constantly ensure, without fail, that the client is safe. This is why it is more important to keep the client safe than deal or neutralize with any threats. If the bodyguard can’t be next to client, the next step is to always have eyes on him.

Defense Shooting

Not all bodyguards are licensed to have a gun and it is not always necessary to have one. However, those who do are skilled in defense shooting.

Having a security guard at your office or building in Calgary is a good idea to keep those locations safe, but if you want to keep yourself safe from any potential threat, then hire a bodyguard.


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