Know The Difference Between The Doorman And Security Guard

December 19, 2014

It is unfortunate that often no distinction is made between a doorman and security guard. In fact, I’ve seen clients use both these words as synonyms. The roles, responsibility and training of a doorman and a security guard differ greatly. They may be closely related and their job roles may seem similar, but the capabilities that a doorman and a security guard bring to the table are very different.

A Doorman

It does not take a lot to be a doorman. He maintains a particular access point in a building or at an event’s location. He is usually found at any place like residential buildings to pubs and clubs. They have the responsibility of allowing only suitable persons to enter the location.

This is important because often buildings and events have a set of requirements for a person to enter it. For example, only a person with a Visitor’s ID can enter a corporate building, or only a person who is dressed to the club’s standards can enter it. Furthermore, they have the responsibility to deny people entry into the location without it turning into a conflict.

A Security Guard

The scope of a security guard is much more than a doorman. He has to be trained and licensed as a security guard. The training of a security guard is much more extensive allowing him to do more for a client. A security guard aims to protect the people around him and the property.

  • Highly good Communication Skills

More than relying on a weapon, a security guard relies on good communication to tackle tough situations. A security guard can understand the situation, evaluate the social setting and judge the person’s emotional being before either being subtle or decisive in his communication.

  • Fire Watch

Advanced training like Fire Watch helps him recognize and prevent potential fire hazardous situations. Additionally, they help firefighters cordon off the area so that they can focus on the job in cases of an actual fire.

  • First Aid and CRP

Another advanced training skill is administering first aid and CPR. This can come in handy when a person suffers health issues at the location.

  • Report

There are some situations which a security guard is not trained to handle such as tacking armed criminals. In such a situation, they immediately call up the police. As soon as that is done, they do their best to ensure the civilians leave the area.

  • Technical Knowledge

Technology plays a big role in enhancing the capability of a security guard. He used a radio to keep in touch with other security guards on the premises. A surveillance system augments his vision. A GPS device allows him to take the quickest route to the location where an alarm has been triggered.

Next time you think of using doorman and security guard as synonyms, don’t. Consider hiring a security guard because he can improve your security much more than a doorman door man.


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