Should You Install a Gate?

March 6, 2015

Whether you live in a single family home or a residential complex in Edmonton, security should be a concern. Everybody wants to be safe inside their own home. In fact, even if the city turns violent, home is where people will return to feel safe and secure.

This is why you have to ensure that your home gets the best security possible.

So, what does a gate in front of your house or residential complex do to improve security?

Limited Access

A gate restricts who enters and exits the area. This limited access ensures that only people who are supposed to enter, like residents, the delivery man, relatives, etc, will actually enter as opposed to any person walking in and out of the place.


Got a group of thugs troubling the neighborhood? By keeping the gate locked, especially at night, you ensure they don’t get in. And, if they do try to get inside, the gate will give you vital time to call up the Edmonton police.

Safe Parking

The gate does not just protect the residents living within it, but it also protects their vehicles inside. You can park your vehicle without any fear of theft. Also, no more hassle of carrying your child’s bicycle up and down the building, since you can keep it down without any worry of robbery.

Increase Price Value

Adding a gate improves the security of the home you are living in, and this automatically improves its price value. This is helpful if you are planning on selling your home or renting out your apartment. It is a selling point through which you can negotiate the price you want from the buyer.

Set it up Right

Adding a gate to your home or residential complex is not the only thing to be done. A security guard has to be stationed there to operate the gate. He is the one who will close it post midnight and open it in the morning. The security guard will also scrutinize and keep track of the people who enter through the gate.

If you want to further enhance the security at your gate, you could install a surveillance system. Since everyone will be forced to enter the area only through the gate, everyone will be captured on camera. This way, if anything illegal or questionable does happen on the residential premises, the culprits are recorded entering and leaving the location. This will help the police in their investigation.

So, yes, you should definitely install a gate if you want to improve the security for your building. Get in touch with GPS Security in Edmonton. We will assist in ensuring that the installation is correct and the security system you set up along with it is sufficient.


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