Improve The Security At Your Parking Lot

March 6, 2015

Almost every location from an office building to a residential complex to a mall is expected to have a parking lot. Every year, Edmonton Police receives over a 100 complaints about car thefts. If you are responsible for running the parking lot in the area, it is vital that the right steps are taken to protect the cars from being stolen and ensure the safety of people who use the parking lot.


The nature of the parking lot (residential or commercial complex), the location and the crime history of the area all factor into the security risk of a parking lot. Furthermore, good parking security will also help prevent miscreants from entering the location in the first place.

All of these have to be taken into account. A mall or public parking area faces a higher chance of auto theft than a commercial parking lot.

If the neighborhood has been known for a high rate of auto theft, then you have to tighten things up at the parking lot. For example, a large part of auto theft reports come in from South West Edmonton.


Barricades ensure that not just any person can walk in and drive out a car. By adding a barricade, you can keep a close watch on who is parking their car, so you can catch suspicious character entering the building. On the other hand, you can also ensure that the person sitting in the car is the one who actually owns it.

Security Cameras

Security cameras can be very effective when you are responsible for a large parking area that is sprawled over a locality, or is across several floors. It is a simple and effective way to have eyes constantly throughout your parking lot. Through it, you will be able to catch auto theft crimes in progress.

You just don’t prevent the car from being stolen. Any troublesome activities like breaking a car or damaging the parking lot property or graffiti will be noticed and dealt with.

Additionally, security cameras run for 24 hours and usually store days of video. This way you can access video feeds that are a week old if ever the need arises.

Security Guards

Security guards are the best form of safety you can have at the parking lot. They operate the barricade and run patrols in the parking lot. They can be informed of potential criminal activity that is caught on the camera system and be dealt with it.

Security guards ensure the safety of people who come to the parking lot. Regular patrols prevent criminal elements from lingering or hiding in the parking area.

Parking lot security is a serious business. Ensure that you take adequate steps to protect the vehicles and people who visit it. GPS Security in Edmonton provides professional security service to those businesses that need to tighten it up. Apart from security guards and technological solutions, we offer security advice that will benefit your business.


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