Importance of Having a Secured Evacuation Plan in Oil and Gas Security

September 13, 2015

Oil and gas sites are vulnerable to risks and you have to ensure that they are secured by the best security plan that you could find. Oil and gas security Alberta depends on loads of the factors and if you are going to consider all of the potential risks that are involved working in the site like this, you will realize that you cannot depend on the normal security here and you need guards that are trained and equipments that are specifically designed for the purpose. Many oil and gas security companies provide you with the normal security options that the other business houses also run on, and if you are going to adopt the plan that is just a lift off, then you might expose the security of the workers and all the equipments that you have installed in the site to great extent. These sites can be very hazardous and an explosion can occur even in the slightest of mistakes. It was estimated that almost 75% of the oil and gas sites are running without the proper survey and security options and they don’t even have a proper evacuation plan if in case anything serious happens. To ensure that the workers and the employees in this site are secured in a right manner, you must include a right evacuation plan when you choose the oil and gas security Alberta. Here are some few points that you should keep in mind.

1. Safety Drills to Keep Employees Alert

You must make sure that you are including a safety drill exercise once a month to give the employees an idea how to escape the site when something hazardous happens. This ensures that each of the working staff has the knowledge of the routes that lead to exits. The safety drill also ensures that every person who is working at the site knows all the details of the workings and can help the fellow employee in the evacuation process. You must follow the safety drills on regular intervals as there are many new employees that take the position in the site from time to time in order to ensure they know the procedure fully.

2. Guards Who Are Trained And Well Equipped

No matter how much sophisticated security system you have installed in the site, unless and until you don’t have the guard on the gates and other areas of the sites, you are not fully protected. Guards make sure that no unauthorized entry is allowed inside the premises and everyone is wearing all the necessary clothing that is required. You also have an option to choose armed and unarmed guards when you take the oil and gas security Alberta, depending on your requirements. As guards also know how to perform the safety drill, they help you to have better management and operations in the site area.

Always be sure to take the oil and gas security Alberta from a company that has years of experience in the same and evaluate the security plan before you finalize one.


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