How To Test Your Home Security System

February 12, 2018

Security in Red Deer

Regular and timely inspection and testing of all your home security systems are mandatory to ensure that all of them are in good working condition. When you test your home security systems such as surveillance cameras, alarm systems, fire protection systems, smoke and heat detectors, etc. on a periodic basis, you can identify problems well in time and repair the failing components. Keeping all these security systems up-to-date is essential for complete home security in Red Deer.

In most cases, inspecting and testing the home security systems is easy, and you can do it on your own. If you are not sure how to test your security systems, you have landed at the right article. In this article, we will guide you how to test your home security systems.

Test Motion Sensors and Alarm Systems

If your home security systems are connected to monitoring services, make sure you inform them before you start the test. Give all your home details and place your account on a test. Close all the doors and windows, and activate the detectors and/or alarm systems. Open each door and window with a sensor attached. Wait 3-5 seconds then close the door or window. The alarm will sound, do not turn it off until all sensors are checked. If the alarms don’t ring or sensors aren’t activated, your home system has issues. If they work well after testing each entry and exit point, call the monitoring service and take your alarm off test.

Test Home Security Cameras

Your home security cameras aren’t only prone to physical damages. It may also happen that your security cameras can be hacked so that a criminal can intrude. To see if your cameras are free from physical damages, you can check the surveillance footages on your mobile phone (if your phone is connected to the camera) or on the monitoring screen. If the footage and images are clear, sharp and bright without any disturbance or distortion, your cameras are functioning perfectly.

Detecting whether the cameras have been hacked is slightly difficult but not impossible. Notice your cameras closely and see if they move abnormally and follow your human movements in your house. Also, if you see that the LED lights on cameras are blinking randomly, reboot the computer your cameras are connected to. If the light flashes again, your cameras may be hacked.

Most security experts suggest homeowners test their home security systems visually on a weekly or biweekly basis to ensure complete security in Red Deer. You can also book a home system inspection session with our home security experts if you don’t wish to test the components on your own. Our professionals have the right tools and essential gears to secure themselves while testing your home alarms, for extinguishers and protection systems, and CCTV cameras.


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