How To Secure Your Construction Site

July 8, 2019

Secure Your Construction Site

During an on-going construction project, site workers and labours take care of the expensive mobile equipment, tools, and raw materials. But after their shift ends, these valuable items are left unattended, creating an attractive target for thieves and vandals. Some of the most valuable equipment that is at high risk of theft include construction materials, on-site machinery, cement mixers, wood, and so on.

To deter such theft and vandalism, lower risks and enhance construction site security, and keep project time undisturbed, you can take these risk mitigation measures to secure your construction site and save huge amounts of investments and resources.

Fences, Secured Entry Gate, and Lock Systems

The most basic step of construction site prevention is to install fences with stable, strong lock system. This is essential as it is the primary entrance to the construction site that needs protection and alertness. Installation of fences is cost effective and it also alerts an intruder that the site is secured and is restricted or under inspection.

A secure lock system is not only mandatory for fences and construction site gates. It is important to keep all your valuable site machinery and equipment locked away in a secured placed for additional security.

Alarm Systems

Alarms aren’t just for fire or medical emergencies on site. You must install an alarm system that immediately notifies the nearest police department. Till the time they arrive, surrounding people might also be alarmed with the sound and might come to help. The alarm sound might also alert the intruders or robbers and compel them to leave the robbed material behind and just sprint away.

Video Surveillance Systems

Video monitoring is the most effective way to safeguard any construction site on a 24/7 basis. These systems record all the on-site and surrounding happenings. The video recordings are live and don’t miss a single incident. These recorded footages can be used as a legit proof against an intruder or a thief during a construction site security issue.

On-Site Security Guards

Just installing artificial security systems isn’t enough for construction site security. You cannot skip having on-site security guards as they are present there physically, alerting any intruder before trespassing the premises. Hiring professional security guards for your site is essential as they are trained and equipped to handle such emergencies.

Mobile Patrol Systems

Having a mobile patrol system to enhance your site’s security works well for the entire neighbourhood. Unlike guards who are present 24/7 on your property, mobile patrols inspect your site from time to time to check for theft or other security issues. This bars an intruder from entering the construction site as the mobile patrol visits are not fixed.

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