How to Scare Burglars Away?

January 12, 2017


Have you ever wondered why burglars target some particular homes only? A burglar wants peaceful, undisturbed time in the property to perform his theft. It is possible that your property readily invites them for a theft attack. Want to be safe from intruder break-ins all the time? Follow these simple steps and install various home security systems to stay safe and keep thieves at bay.

People Inside House

Practically, it is not always possible for homeowners to remain at home to keep their property safe. Studies say that burglars target homes that seem to be unattended or vacant. You can reduce the chances by making the culprits feel that you are present inside the house. While you are away on a vacation, park your car in the adjacent driveway, cancel all the newspaper subscriptions, and hide your garbage collecting bin. Accumulation of these might signal your unavailability. You can keep the bedroom lights on , run radio or television to make them feel that you are awake and alert.

Electronic Safety Systems

There are many latest home security systems and devices that you can install to keep your house safe. Easy to install surveillance cameras, motion sensor lights, video monitoring, and alarm systems are some common and widely used security deterrents used by homeowners. Thieves tend to attack where the picking is the easiest. But, the mere existence of these systems is enough to dissuade most of them. Most of these systems come with stickers or signage that you can place outside your home or on the windows to let the burglars know that you are watching their actions.

Dog Protection

A dog is known as man’s best friend. They are vigilant most of the times and help in frightening the intruders during break-ins. Who wouldn’t be scared of their sharp flesh-digging teeth and loud barks? Dogs also have a tendency of sensing potential dangers and they can identify that the new person entering their property has bad intentions. Some popular dog breeds for you to consider include the Doberman, German shepherd, Rottweiler, etc.

Fake Decoy Signs

Instead of installing expensive systems, you can opt for the decoys to fool the burglars and keep them away. Put up signs like “Beware of Dogs,” or “Canines Inside” to scare away the thieves. You can also place a large dog food bowl or rubber bone chew toys to meet the same purpose. A fake security camera placed at a high angle also acts as a deterrent to intruders. If you are a woman living alone, you can place a pair of men’s work or play shoes near the entryway.

Now that you already know what it takes to repel burglars from your property, you can take these steps to achieve safety by securing your house thoroughly. For further information on different types of home security systems or for more home safety tips, contact GPS Edmonton security services today. Ignoring the safety of your house can be dangerous.


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