How To Prevent Theft And Shoplifting At Your Retail Store

June 26, 2020

How To Prevent Theft

If you’re an owner of a retail shop, the chances are that you will often notice open packages, missing sale items, and products disappearing from your stock and shelves in thin air without any documentation or record of the purchase. This mysterious disappearance of products from your retail shop is likely due to shoplifting and stealing.

Shoplifting and theft can have grave consequences for your business. They eat away your profits and cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue. But, since retail stores are most vulnerable to theft, the only way to prevent them is to tighten security and implement smart security measures around the store.

This article will help you better understand business security in Western Canada and what you can do to prevent retail theft and reduce shoplifting in your store.

Train Your Staff

Educating your staff on how to prevent theft around the store can go a long way. For example, a thief or a shoplifter, unlike regular customers, would want to stay anonymous and avoid making contact with any of the store employees. However, if your employees are trained about this behavior, they’ll immediately catch anyone trying to harm your store.

Another good way to dissuade thieves is to greet everyone that walks into your store. Genuine eye-contact and greetings will change their mind about stealing because they’ll now be afraid of getting identified.

You should also keep in mind that stealing might be an inside job, and proactive training programs can help discourage employee theft.

Screen New Employees

Employee theft costs businesses billions of dollars a year. Training your staff will only work if you have trustworthy employees. To ensure that your store is in safe hands, screen all your job candidates before hiring. Also, brief them about your store’s security policy and what you expect from them.

Put Up Security Signs

Installing security signs in areas that are not clearly visible to the shopkeepers is an inexpensive way to discourage customers from shoplifting. Putting up signs that mention legal action against shoplifters will discourage them from taking the risk. Interesting security signs like “smile, you are on camera” will help warn people without being impolite.

Install Video Surveillance System

To prevent your retail store from losing thousands of dollars in lost revenue, investing in in-store security is essential. Installing surveillance cameras in your store will help you monitor your store at all times and look at video recordings to investigate retail theft when you need to.

Video surveillance also lets you monitor your store remotely when you are not present on-site. You can get security alerts or view your store’s live feed through remote camera on your smartphone, anytime you want.

Employ A Security Agency

Employing a reputable security agency will help your store reduce shoplifting, thieves, and criminals. An experienced security company will know how to create a safe and secure environment around your retail store so your employees can work comfortably, and your customers can shop safely.

A well-established company will know when to deploy certain professional personnel at the site of crime and how to handle it. Employing a security agency or security guards will give you the following benefits;

  • They will monitor your video surveillance system
  • They will keep a watchful eye over suspicious people
  • They will keep watch at store entrances and exits
  • They will act as a deterrent and their presence will discourage people from committing crimes.
  • Their strong security policies will help them take quick actions against unusual activities.

These are some of the ways to protect your retail business from thieves and shoplifters. At GPS Security, we make sure your retail store is secure, so there are no chances of any vandalism or shoplifting. Visit our website to learn about our offers or contact us today to secure your shops.

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