How to Maintain Your Home Security System

June 20, 2015

After installing the security system at your home, you need to make sure that it is maintained properly. The best way for the right maintenance of the home alarm security system is to get it done by the professionals. It is highly recommended that you should get the system checked on regular basis to ensure they are working fine. Security needs are the biggest concern for everyone and they should be maintained in the best of ways. Here are some few tips to keep a check on your security equipments.

• Check all the batteries of the equipments. Motion sensors have individual power supply and weak batteries might make them dead. Check the batteries of the remote control for cameras as well.
• Check the strength of the signals over Wi-Fi and make sure that the receivers are getting them in right manner. If there is any breakage in the transmission, then it will give you an erratic live feed.
• Check the working of the panic buttons. They should work perfectly all the time.
• Check the fitment of the sensors and make sure that they are not loose.
• If you find any equipment malfunctioning, then get it checked immediately by the professionals.

Apart from these regular checks, there are other things that also need to be checked on timely basis. If you have a security system that is old, then it should be checked once in every three months. If you have smoke detectors in the house, then you have to keep a steady check on the performance of the sensors. They should trigger the alarms at the hint of slightest of smoke. It is highly recommended that you call in the professionals to do the testing of the smoke detectors.

• Check the working of the smoke detectors once in every three months.
• Always take a professional help.
• Never try to check the smoke detector by yourself. You will end up changing the settings and the detectors might not be able to trigger the alarm in case of fire.

If you have a traditional security system at your home that incorporates the use of wires, then check the wires for any cuts or breaks. Also check the batteries for the remote and call your vendor to check the wire line thoroughly. The CCTV cameras around the house also need to be checked on regular basis. Clean the lenses of the cameras from time to time to get a clear picture and recording. Use a damp soft cloth for the cleaning otherwise you will end up scratching the lens. It is always best to create reminders for the servicing of the security equipments. The best way to do it is by giving a contract to the security companies who keep a full record and give you all the maintenance of equipments installed. Always remember, that the regular maintenance of the security system is as important as the installation.


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