How to Keep Your Garage Secure

July 4, 2015

While checking for your home security, you also need to take a look at the security of your garage. Many people tend to ignore the basics of the security when it comes to the garages, thinking there isn’t any valuable item they have stored in there. According to the recent survey, it was estimated that almost 37% of the burglary were happened using the garage as a source to enter the house. You have to be sure of the garage security as many homes have direct access to garage and the thieves often use it to enter the house.

Keeping the garage door locked all the time is the basic and the most important thing to do. Apart from the general security, business security and event security in Calgary, this is the most sought after security nowadays as people are getting more and more aware about the importance of the garage security. In this article we are going to show you some important points that how the garage is used for entry and break-ins and how it can be avoided by using the necessary steps. Read on.

  • Any person who is trying to break into the house using a garage door knows that you might have the connectivity to the house from garage. If you don’t have additional security arrangements in the garage, then make sure you are always keeping the door locked all the time.
  • When you are not at home for longer duration of time, say when you go out on holidays, make sure that you are locking the garage door in a right manner, from outside and inside both. If you don’t have a good locking mechanism, ensure that you are getting the old lock replaced with a new one before moving. It is always a best idea to get an alarm installed at the garage door.
  • If you have an alarm, then you can unplug it if you are in the home all the time to avoid unnecessary sounds.
  • If you have windows in the garage, then look for the right locking mechanism. Windows are also vulnerable to break-ins. Most of the time the thieves use windows after breaking their glass and they stick their hand inside to open the garage door.
  • If you are parking your car in a driveway, then ensure that you are not leaving the garage door open.
  • You can also get the automatic doors installed, that gets opened and closed using remote. This enables you to have an additional security as they cannot be manually opened as they need a secured signal to open or close them.
  • Always get the security services from a company that has years of experience in the similar field. They not only guide you right, but they also suggest you equipments that can be very helpful in the overall security of the house. They also provide you with all the maintenance.


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