How to find hidden video cameras?

October 21, 2016

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Do you feel as if your actions are being monitored? Do you look around and find no one, but still feel insecure? Maybe you are being watched. It is possible that someone is watching you through a video monitoring system. Though it is easy to catch security systems especially the ones that are installed to act as deterrents, you might find it difficult to spot hidden video cameras which are usually installed in hotel rooms. When you feel that someone is keeping a watch on you through a hidden video camera, you should try these ways to locate the hidden camera:

Use your eyes and ears

The search should begin with a slow, meticulous sweep of the area you find suspicious. Look for things that seem different or are out of place. You may find pictures on the wall that are out of level or in unusual areas, or lampshades that don’t look normal. Look inside the light fixtures, in the flower pots, and other places where one can hide a camera. Also, look under couches, on shelves and table tops. After thoroughly searching every possible area which is suspicious, if you manage to spot any mystifying wires, then that can be your cue.

Listen carefully when you walk because most of the small, motion-sensitive cameras make an almost inaudible click sound when they operate.

Use darkness

The best way to spot hidden video cameras is to switch off all the lights and look for tiny green or red LED lights. Most of the video cameras have indicator lights which make it easy for you to find them. But what about the cameras without LED lights (pinhole cameras)? Well, to locate pinhole cameras, all you need is a good eyesight and flashlight. Use the flashlight to scan the room. If you notice small points of light bouncing back, you should check to see if it is a camera.

While there is darkness, you should grab a flashlight and examine the mirrors too. It is possible that they are made transparent from one side for the camera to see through.

Use your cell phone

You can make use of your cell phone to pick up an electromagnetic field. Just place a call on your mobile phone and wave the phone around where you think there may be a hidden video camera or a microphone. In case you hear a clicking noise on the call, it means that your phone is interfering with the magnetic field.

After reading this, we are sure that you can spot hidden video cameras easily. You just need to follow the techniques mentioned in this article when you doubt that you are being watched. Being careful and smart when shifting into a new place especially in a hotel is the key to keeping yourself safe.

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