How to Deal With Doorknockers

June 16, 2015

Door knocking is something that you just can’t prevent. There are many sales executives and other people who keep on knocking the door at the odd hours and you can’t do anything to completely stop it from happening. However, you need to be very careful as many thieves and burglars use this to get a forced entry in the house. Many times you are met with sales person who offer you things that you simply can’t refuse, but there are times the try to sell you a product that may be completely useless for you. According to the latest reports, it was estimated that more than 65% of the door knocking cases were spam. You might also see many security companies trying to sell their products from door to door basis and always ensure that you are not buying anything from them. Always take the security measures from a reputed company that has years of experience in the same line. Be it alarms, video monitoring, and CCTV cameras; make sure that you get them installed with a professional.

If you have a video calling option at the front door, then you can simply avoid opening the door as you can see the person on screen who wants to visit the home. Here are some few tips to safeguard the security of your family from the unwanted door knockers.

1. Put Up A Sign

Put up a sign indicating that no sales person is allowed. This will give a clear message to the salesperson that the knocking will not be entertained and you are not interested in any of the products they have on offer. Keep in mind that salesperson may knock the doors of your neighbours and if you have a certain law in the society, then you can altogether stop their entry.

2. Don’t Invite Them Inside

If someone knocks at the door, then make sure you are no opening the door and talking to them from inside. If you have a latch in the door, then you can open the door a bit secured with a latch. It is always safer to say no right away than inviting a stranger in the house and face dire consequences.

3. Ask for the ID card and Company

If you have opened the door for the sales person, then always ask for the ID card first. Call up the company whom they are representing and ensure if they have a door to door sales strategy. Many companies don’t employ door knockers and people use the false names to get the entry to the house.

4. Tell Them A Firm No

If the sales person forces you to take a look at the products he has on offer, then tell him a firm no and close the door. This may sound rude, but it is always safe to be blunt than to be sorry.

For the best security of the house, always ensure that you are hiring the professionals for the right safety equipments.


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