How to Create a Security Plan for a Retail Business

January 25, 2019

Security Plan for a Retail Business

Retail businesses are always the favorite target for criminals. It is crucial to take into account the various threats in retail security. The business cannot focus on one or two security tools to deal with the possible threats. It is necessary to create a comprehensive security plan that analyses risks, considers situations, and crimes while utilizing tools and technologies in tandem to provide superior security. The companies in the retail industry need to implement a detailed and actionable crime prevention plans. With this mind, here are some tips that you can use to create a retail security plan.

Access Control

PIN codes, passcards, or keys should secure the sensitive areas with valuables such as stock rooms, offices, etc. Restrict the employees from entering these areas. The secured area should be limited to certain people who are given access to enter.

Store Layout

Many store owners do not consider the importance of the store’s layout. The design of the store can help the security tools to observe the customers activity without bothering them. A proper layout makes it easier to spot crime in progress and notify the police before the criminals can run away with the loot.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a tool of security services to record and gather evidence about the activities in the store. These tools may not physically prevent crimes, but they can be of great help in the aftermath of a crime. Most of the time police would accept the security footage of the crime as a proof. Insurance companies also require footages while investigating a business claim.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are necessary whether it is a fire alarm systems or emergency alarm systems. These alarm systems help to alert the authorities and store owners. By installing alarm systems, you can prevent a crime by notifying the authorities for immediate help.

Staff Training

By training the staff in dealing with emergencies, they can help you to reduce crime. Staff can be trained to recognize the suspected shoplifters and how to act accordingly without disturbing other customers. For example, greeting customers have reduced shoplifting. Potential criminals tend to realize that they are being watched while greeting. That makes them less likely to attempt a crime.

Staff Monitoring

Monitoring your staff, first and foremost minimizes the inside jobs. It is also vital to improve the productivity of the employees. Video surveillance in the store ensures the employees to focus on their tasks. The store owner can ensure that they are following the company policies in the store.

Security Guards

If you are dealing with high-value items, it makes sense to hire professional security guards. Security guards can monitor the customers and patrol the area. They are trained professionals with expertise in their field.

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