How to Create A Safe Learning Environment?

December 12, 2016

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Children can learn well only when they are completely safe inside the school. Some schools face serious threats such as violence, crime, abuse, and other problems. The need to create a safe learning environment is thus, necessary. Most schools have a security guard standing at the entrance gate. However, one security guard cannot ensure total security of all the kids, staff members, and the school premises.

To create a safe learning environment, schools need to do a lot of things:

Security guards

Any school cannot do with having security guards. They are necessary to keep a watch on kids and to ensure their safety. Security guards do not only guard children but they also play an important role in keeping all dangers away from the school. Although having one security guard is mandatory for schools, having more than one security guard can provide maximum security.


Schools should have only one entry gate. This will enable the security guards to keep a watch on each person entering the school premises. A proper fencing on all sides of the school is necessary to ensure that nobody sneakily enters or exits the premises.

Security systems

No matter how alert your security guards are, they cannot be in place 24/7. Having security systems can ensure safety all the time. Security systems work without any breaks and can help deter crime. Also, having video monitoring in place can let you keep a watch on classrooms. This will let you control the behavior of kids in classrooms even when there is no teacher present. Additionally, video monitoring cameras are capable of recording footages. So, you can have evidences in case of any incident.

Video monitoring cameras can be installed near all entry and exit points. They can also be installed in classrooms and staffrooms. Other common places should have video monitoring to ensure security of kids and staff members while keeping a watch on the school property as well.

Every school needs to keep these basic security tips in mind. Kids do not only need good teachers but they also need good care. When students do not feel secure in schools, they will not be able to concentrate on their studies. School security is necessary for children to keep up with studies. It is the responsibility of the management to provide a secure and safe learning environment to all kids at school.

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