How to be Prepared for Home Invasions?

January 13, 2020

Prepared for Home Invasions

The crime rate has increased drastically across the globe. With the increasing crime rate, people are now more afraid to live in secluded places or are sparsely populated. This is because the possibility of a criminal invasion is high in such cases. To avoid such invasions, people often install multiple security measures to protect their families. Some of these measures include installing CCTV cameras, fire detectors, alarm systems, smoke detectors, emergency alarms, access control systems, etc. But if in case a gang manages to invade your home security, here are some measures that can help you.

Create a Safe-Zone

Always ensure your house has a safe room where all the family members can resort to in case of a home security invasion. If in case there are home invaders, your entire family can gather around in the safe-zone and wait there until the police arrive and save you from the invaders.

Create a Code-Word

Create an emergency code that helps your family realize the hanging sword. Whenever there is a home security invasion, by saying the code word, you can ensure that your family gathers around in the safe-zone and wait it out until the threat is over.

Have Your Firearms Handy

It is always nice to keep your licensed firearm handy and safe. This is because if in case there is an invasion and you are left one on one with the invaders, you might have to use it. To ensure that you use it in the right way, practise firing it in the firing range for accuracy. If in case you are required to use it in real life, ensure that you shoot them in their legs.

Always Have Safety Equipment Handy

The best place to store some safety equipment is your safe room. You can choose to store your equipment such as a handgun, telephone to get in touch with the cops, a torchlight, some dry fruits if the standoff is to last too long, etc. These things will help you in surviving while the invaders are still in the house.

Do Not Face Them One on One

Never ever think of becoming the hero because you never know about the strength of the invader. When you think of being optimistic and go around challenging them, there are high chances that you might end up being mortally hurt. So never go on facing them, and ensure that you yourself land in safety. Always hold up for the cops and let them handle the situation.

Apart from these things, always make it a point to have your security systems on point and up to date. This is because if in case the invaders storm in through anywhere, the authorities can be immediately informed and can save a lot of effort. To check whether your security systems are well up to date, get in touch with a security firm. This is because a trained and professional firm can be instrumental in saving you and your family.


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