How A Security Company Protects An Oil and Gas Business

September 24, 2020

How A Security Company Protects An Oil and Gas Business

A security company offers its security guard services to all types of businesses and clients from every walk of life. In this blog, we will see the different kinds of threats to an oil and gas facility for which it requires a professional security company.


Security companies offer special security guard services to protect the gas and oil pipelines and reservoirs from piracy. Both anti-state elements and criminals of any kind can go after such sites. In this way, they might cost the state huge money or demand anything against freeing the oil and gas sites or pipelines. Piracy of oil and gas can be damaging to the economy of the country.

Terrorist attacks

Apart from pirates, terrorists can also be a big threat to oil and gas reservoirs, sites, and pipelines. They aim to cause a financial crisis and threaten the business sector and investors and prevent them from investing in the company. If there are professional security company officials in place, they can deal with such attacks in time and prevent most of them if not all.

Organized crime

Any group from within the society can gather and plan an organized crime by attacking an oil and gas facility. In this case, there is a need for professional security guards on duty to take immediate action against them and inform the Police if needed. It depends on the number of criminals, the extent of the threat it poses to the facility, and the type of reaction the security guards need to take against them.

Civil protest

Another type of threat to oil and gas facilities is from a civil protest like situation. When a group from society protests against the government in conditions such as an increase in oil and gas prices can be a significant threat. It can be a tricky situation because the protestors aren’t exactly criminals. The handling of the situation can be delicate as the security guards can’t just go all out against the protestors. The actions taken by the protestors predominantly determine the reaction of the security guards. If they are peaceful, the reaction must also be a peaceful one.

Inter-state hostile situation

One type of threat to oil and gas facilities or businesses is from a situation of crisis and hostility between two states of the country. If one state has the facility and the other state is totally dependent on it there might be a threat of the people from the other state to attack the facility or try to take it over.

The job of security guards is to remain on their toes 24/7, 365 days of the year. There is no rest time for them as anything can pretty much happen at any time. Some of these threats and risks might be predictable and give the security guards time to plan how they are going to respond to them. On the other hand, there are some situations such as terrorist attacks that are not predictable as the terrorists plan to keep it secret, and their main aim is to catch security management by surprise.

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