How Important Is It to Have Security on a Construction Site?

January 21, 2019

Security on a Construction Site

If you are the owner of a construction site or a part of the construction team, the stress associated with securing the place is not new to you. Safety of workers and site hazards or accidents are also your major concerns. Any losses due to the aforementioned issues can end up costing you a lot of money.

On October 26, 2018, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) charged Integrated Infrastructure Service for violation of their rules. They were charged with 13 counts including failure to ensure workers security and safety in Edmonton. Needless to say, security guards are a must if you are working on construction sites. Let us outline how construction site guards and security can minimize your security concerns.

Provides Protection

Construction sites can, unfortunately, be very vulnerable to many types of problems like natural disasters and fires. A lot of buildings and sites under construction are largely unprotected. Fires can be a result of small issues like- a carelessly disposed of cigarette and major negligences like- the failure to dispose of combustible materials. Natural disasters and other emergencies can also strike without warning. The absence of a recovery plan can expose your business and cause serious reputational damages during disasters. Construction security prepares an emergency plan with assigned actions to designated individuals. Dedicated construction site security guards can take necessary precautions to prevent fires like regular patrolling and digital surveillance. Professional security guards can play a crucial role in protecting and guarding your site against natural and man-made disasters.

Enhances Safety

Construction sites are one of the most attractive and easy targets for thieves. The main reason for this claim is because of the lack of security measures taken by the construction owners. Construction sites have expensive machinery and equipment. Expensive equipment are great targets for thieves. The sites can be vulnerable to trespassing strangers who can vandalize, steal or intentionally set a fire.

Construction sites are always on tight schedules, and delays caused by like missing equipment can result in higher insurance premiums and risk in borrowing power. Security personnel in these sites can monitor the movement of people on site and secure the place from thieves. Security guards not only monitors the inside of the site, but they also secure the boundaries of the site.

Focuses on Security

Security of construction sites often tries to put the safety policies into practice. Strict security and safety protocols will also protect contractors from liability and negligence on the site. Security in and out of the work hours is essential to protect pedestrians and other passersby from construction hazards. Construction security should make sure safety is provided to protect the workers on site.

A professional team of guards can deter any suspicious activities and protect your workers and equipment as well as the reputation of your business. Video surveillance can allow construction owners to monitor the progress and address potential problems on the site. Hire GPS Security Group to protect your assets and manpower on the construction site.


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