How Can Security Companies Benefit a Mall’s Security?

March 28, 2019

Mall's Security

Security is the state of being free from danger or threat. A shopping mall is a social hub where people gather daily for shopping, eating, watching movies, meeting friends, or just to spend some leisure time. Malls also host various events on festivals or other special occasions, thus attracting more crowd and attention than usual days. Therefore, malls must secure their visitors, employees, and stock in showrooms as they may be exposed to criminal activities like theft, vandalism, or even a terror attack.

There are various types of security systems provided by security companies and additional measures that the mall’s staff can undertake to secure the shopping mall in and out.


Surveillance is to monitor an area and record activity. The most commonly used surveillance system is Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera, These cameras monitor the area that they are installed over and record footages that can be viewed live or later on in the monitoring room. Smart and modern CCTV cameras cover many areas and angles at the same time. Depending on your needs, you can select from multiple types of CCTV cameras available in the market with different types of unique features.

Security Guards

Security guards in shopping malls provide security in the area they are stationed in and look out for suspicious activities. However, their job is not limited to providing security. Security guards also assist the visitors and answer their questions about the mall. Although a stationed security guard can only monitor a limited mall premise, they can patrol between areas to widen their reach. Several specially-trained security guards can even handle crisis situations and health-related cases that require immediate first-aid assistance.

Alarm System

Security alarm systems by reputed security companies must be fitted to signal the authorities in case of emergencies like fire or any criminal activity. Most alarm systems have audio and visual alerts that notify people in case of a fire breakout or criminal activity. Hence, an alarm system provides enough time for visitors and employees to evacuate the space and be safe.

Cyber Security

We live in the age of information and technology where all our data is stored on computers. Also, computers and the internet are required to run almost every system. If the network of any showroom or organisation within the mall is hacked, the damage dealt would be immeasurable and every security system connected to the network would be at risk. Therefore to protect computers and servers of the mall from cyber attacks, various cybersecurity steps such as installing an antivirus software and strong passwords to access information should be taken.

If you own a shopping mall or look after its functions, hire one of the best security companies in your area that can provide you with all these security systems and suggest more ways to secure your mall.

Apart from these security systems provided by top security companies, precautionary measures against hazards such as fire extinguishers, well-defined evacuation route, first-aid kits, fire and smoke detectors, etc. are necessary.


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