How Cameras Enhance Home Security

July 4, 2015

In the last article, we discussed about how the right placement of the cameras can benefit the security of your home. Today, we are going to discuss the benefits and advantages of the cameras and how they can enhance the security of your home 24/7. Modern cameras can provide you with many features and you can depend on them with your eyes closed.

Camera Options

There are many choices of cameras available in the market and they give you a bird’s eye view of every activity that is going in and around the house. You can set different channels that let you set the footage of your living room, backyard, front door etc. If you have a wide angle camera installed at one corner of your yard, then it can help you to keep an eye on the entire area and home security. Here are your choices.

  • Wireless Cameras

As the name suggests, these cameras can be installed without the use of any wires and this hides them from the eyes and people cannot spot the placement of the cameras this way. They offer you a range of more than 50 feet. You need to have a broadband connection at your home over the Wi-Fi, to connect them effortlessly.

  • Tilt and Pan Camera

These cameras can rotate and tilt on their axis, giving them the necessary movement to capture more details. This allows them to record wider area and a maximized view of the field. You can also opt for the zoom cameras to see anything more clearly.

  • Weatherproof Cameras

These cameras are best suited for the outside use as they are safe against very low temperatures. They maintain their performance even in 122 F. They can also cover the area up to 40 feet.

Uses and Protection

As you have many options to protect your home with security guards and home alarms, but none of them comes close to the level of security a CCTV camera can provide. When you have camera that is rigged to the motion sensors and home alarms, you get an added benefit of live feed with the images that you can also record. Many camera manufacturer companies also provide you with a dedicated application using which you can see the images on your smart phones and tablets. Cameras also have state of the art sensors and they instantly notify you of any event that might pose a threat to the safety of your family.

Cameras give you 24 hour protection, even when you are asleep. Cameras are active 24/7 and you can have the backup of the recorded footage for over a month. That means, if you want to see any even that was happened a month ago, then you can check the recordings and get all the details. They are great burglar deterrent and when people spot the camera, they tend to get very careful, and this puts a stop to any wrongdoings that they might be planning. Always be sure to get the cameras installed by professional security companies as they give you warranty and after sale services.


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