Home Security Mistakes to Avoid

May 15, 2019

Home Security Mistakes

Imagine you leave the main door or windows or garage door open and realise it when you return home, but there was no burglary, no theft. Felt relieved? This time you might be lucky enough, but next time this small mistake of yours may result in a huge loss. Security and safety of our family should be our prime focus. For that, it is important to avoid committing such home and home security systems mistakes which might cause some threats to your loved ones and take the necessary measures.

Not Having Quality CCTV Cameras

Having bad security cameras is as good as not having them at all. If there’s a theft taking place at your house and you can’t figure out the person’s face then it’s of no use at all. Installing cameras at improper angles is a bad idea too. Make sure you have cameras set in a way which covers the entire property. Also, make sure they have a night vision too as research shows most of the burglaries take place during the night.

Not Using Alarm Systems

Some people rely on security dogs that can notify them if an intruder breaks in. But putting up alarms systems in your house is considered more preferable instead of relying on a dog whose barking is the only alarm system if someone enters the premises. A quality home alarm system that goes off on times when burglars invade your house is a good option and should be used. Make sure they are turned on when you move out of your house.

Purchasing Home Security Systems Without Researching

It is essential to purchase home security systems from a certified and reputable company that can provide you with the best service and quality systems. So make sure to perform proper research about the security companies before making any purchase. If possible, take opinions from the people around you who are using or have used any security systems. Take references from your friends and relatives, research about those companies, and only then opt them for purchasing your home security systems.

Improper Maintenance of Systems

Do not forget to check your home security systems regularly. Make sure that your CCTV cameras and alarm systems are in proper working condition and have it checked from a professional at least once in a year. This will avoid resulting in any security breach or criminal activities later on.

Relying On Cheap Door Locks

Remember that greater security assurance can be received only when you install quality security locks from a reliable and reputable company. Do not compromise your security for a low price. Low priced locking systems cannot guarantee you a secured environment. So, invest in some good quality equipment, locks, and systems that are difficult to break or damage.

If you want to know more about such common home security mistakes, you can talk to our home security experts. They can also share some outstanding tips to keep your home secured throughout.


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