Home Security: Features to Keep Children Safe

June 23, 2015

You need to have a security system that keeps you safe from all the risks as well as the hazards that might pose a threat for you. Apart from the outer security issues, you also have to make sure that your loved ones and especially the children are safe all the time inside the house. If you have the right equipments like home alarms, CCTV cameras, motions sensors etc, then you can be sure about the security of your kids. As parents, protecting our kids is the top most priority. In this article, we are going to give you some tips on how you can safeguard your home for round the clock security of your children.

1. Home Alarms

The best way to keep a secured home is by installing a home alarm system. The alarm on the doors and the windows will ensure that any attempt to break into the house will trigger the alarm and you will be alerted on time. Always go for the alarms that have piercing noise so that you notice the sound immediately. If you are going for the pass code protected alarm system, then make sure that the system has an easy pass code process, so that your kids can also access it easily.

2. Cameras

Cameras enable you to have 24/7 look inside the house from anywhere. Ensure that you have installed the cameras at all the right places of the house. There are various choices available in the market from the wide angled cameras to the night vision ones. Placement of the cameras plays a vital role in the security and you must cover all the important exit and entry points of the house. Here are the important areas for the placement.

• Backyard
• Main door
• Windows
• Children’s bedrooms
• Garage area
• Stairs
• Terrace

3. Sensors

Sensors also play a major role when it comes to the overall security of your house. Placing sensors at all the right place will trigger the alarm on time and you will be alerted about any intruder on timely basis. You must consider the following sensors.

• Fire sensor
• Doors and windows sensors
• Smoke sensors
• Motion sensors
• Glass breaking sensor

4. Remote Access

Many security companies provide you with the dedicated mobile application using which you can control most of the major functions of the security system that you have installed. You can have the live feed from the cameras on the go and can activate and deactivate the locks on the doors and windows using the application.

Always make sure that you are getting all the security measures form the best security company. They help you with the right installation and also suggest you with the best of equipments. They also give you the maintenance plan for the security system on regular basis. The security of the house also needs to be updated from time to time and the professional security services give you all the updates and features.


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