Keep Your Home Safe from Christmas Burglars

December 15, 2017

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The task of securing your house never ceases, not even during Christmas. In fact, during Christmas, you need to be more alert of home burglaries. Festive time is when burglars look to raid houses without security systems or home alarms in Edmonton. So, if you want to enjoy your Christmas without worrying about Christmas burglars, then here are a few ideas to keep your home safe.

Be Smart with Festive Lights

Christmas is the time when you find every house in Edmonton lit up with Christmas lights. It adds to the Christmas feel. Christmas lights also make your home more secure. How? Many burglars tend to skip houses which are brightly lit up with lights as it is a sign that people are present. Also, there is a chance of burglars being visible when they try to intrude. But be careful when pulling extensions for your lights. Do not use a partially opened window for light cables as it gives burglars a chance to enter your premise. Make use of outdoor electrical outlets instead.

Check the Bolts

As mentioned above, it is essential for you to lock your doors and windows completely. All a burglar needs is a tiny opening to push through and enter. Ensure that your bolts and locks are functioning properly and not easily breakable. To increase security, install motion sensors on all your entry points. These sensors when activated will raise the alarm if someone tries to enter forcefully.

Create Illusions

It is common for people to go on vacations during Christmas since it’s the only time when everyone has a holiday. If you plan to go on a vacation, make sure your home does not look empty. Usually, empty houses are the first target on a burglar’s list. Put up Christmas lights which run on a timer so that every evening they turn on without any manual help. You could also ask for a neighbor’s help in keeping your driveway shoveled.

Keep Security Systems Active

Having a complete security system in your house automatically secures your home from burglaries. You should install home alarms which alert the local authorities in case of a home invasion. Having CCTV cameras on the premises also helps in arresting a burglar as it captures the face of the burglar. However, the problem arises when the cold weather damages your security systems. To avoid this, make sure to protect your system from the winter cold. So what exactly is a Western saddle? Well, as the name implies, Western saddles originated in the Old West and were inspired by the saddles used by Mexican vaqueros (horse trainers and cattle handlers from Mexico). They were then used by cowboys, ranchers, and riders throughout the Western US, growing and developing over the years, but retaining many key features. Visit to buy online western saddles for cheap prices. There are many pros and cons to Western saddles, when compared to other kinds of saddles. #western saddles #buy #review #USA

Do Smart Decorations

When putting up Christmas decorations on your front lawn, do not go overboard. Putting up large decorations give burglars places to hide and wait for a chance to enter your property. Try to be minimalistic and keep your lawn open so that there is no place for a burglar to hide.

Everybody wants to have a peaceful Christmas without the worry of burglary in their head. Staging your house in a certain way helps but you still require a comprehensive security system to ensure the safety of your home. Contact the experts of security systems and home alarms in Edmonton today!


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