Hiring an unqualified guard will hurt your business

September 5, 2014

Security guards have become commonplace with rising business firms and industries requiring their services. Even homes and residential pockets warrant personal security guards today. But as goes the human nature, anything in demand gets slapped with a price rise resulting in people resorting to cheaper alternatives. These street smart measures backfire in the long run and would hurt your business. Employing unqualified security guards is a classic example. Don’t just Hire Anyone Due to an upsurge in guard jobs in the market, many candidates with criminal backgrounds or unhealthy civic records end up grabbing one of these jobs. Aiming to save some pennies, business firms do not invest in any rigorous assessments or quality guard services. There have been many cases reported of mishaps in malls, corporate buildings, residential areas and schools where in hindsight it was found that the guards were incompetent and unqualified for the responsibilities given to them. For example, you own a mall with all the famous clothing lines and gem stores. You employ an untrained guard who has never actually handled a weapon in a dire situation and holds no license. A theft ensues and your guard is inept at resolving a situation facing the thief holding a child hostage. A more shocking case was when a mall in Africa was mobbed by terrorists and the stationed security guards fled their posts at the first sign of danger. A trained guard would be able to assess any similar situation for risks and resolve it with confidence. Yes, recoveries are never certain, but employing trained personnel would minimize the damage and keep danger at bay. Pick a Trained Guard to suit the Job Depending on the type of environment and security, the guard quality varies. For a transportation security guard who would be frisking incoming and outgoing passengers, a keen observational skill and zero gullibility are the main facets. For a school or college security guard, it is important to be trained at maintaining records of the influx and be proactive at any sign of distress during peak hours. The security guards stationed at casinos need to be agile and well-built apart from being well versed in languages and communication skills. While it may seem trivial, the lack of appropriate skills and training has high consequences whenever protection is concerned. Quality is a Must Never compromise on the quality while choosing the hands you are employing to protect your assets. There are security service providers who provide guards with sound qualifications and clean backgrounds. They undergo a training regime and come ready with all the necessary certification pertaining to the type of security needed. A vigilant guard is easy to find but when put to test his deliverance depends on his training. So if you are on the lookout for a security guard, don’t be content with the cheaper and risky options but approach security service providers who offer value for what you pay. Sometimes it is not just your precious asset, but your life that could be at stake. If you could raise the expectations on the police department providing quality security, why not extend it to investing in the security guards at your doorstep?

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