Why hire security guards for a private event

September 5, 2014

Most people don’t think of hiring security for a private event. A private event mostly refers to a party in a club or restaurant. It can even include social events like an engagement, wedding or birthday. Private events also include professional gatherings and conferences.

No one wants disturbances unsettling an event. A simple verbal clash is enough to spoil everyone’s mood and it is worse if it escalates to drunken physical violence. Plus, no one wants uninvited people to crash the party.

Why Should You Even Consider Having a Security Guard at Private Event?

No one expects anything to go wrong at event, until it does! If you want surety that your private event will proceed without any problems, hire a security guard.

– Alcohol is free-flowing:

Many private events have open bars or regular supply of alcohol for the guests. Alcohol is known to shake off inhibitions and cause loss of propriety. Some people tend to go overboard while drinking and drunken brawls are not unheard of.

– Stop Gate crashers

You will always find gate crashers looking to get free drinks, food and have a good time. Even the White House has them, remember Tareq and Michaele Salahi anyone?

– Prevent Any Unwanted People from Entering

Have you made any enemies or do you have any disgruntled employees? There are always antisocial elements lurking around who would like nothing more than crashing your private event and making a scene.

Roles of a Security Guard at a Private Event

So what are the roles you can expect a security guard to play at a private event?

– Stay Inconspicuous

No one would want a security guard flashing his badge and patrolling a private event. It can definitely spoil the mood. A security guard will stay in the background of the private event, carefully observing everything and at the same time, stay alert to react at the first hints of trouble.

– Guard the Entrance

He will ensure that only those who are supposed to enter the private event get through. Entry will be limited to only those with passes. And, if you are afraid that any person who means to create trouble will sneak in, you could always give his picture and details to the security guard to look out for.

– Stop Brawls

There is nothing worse than a brawl erupting at a private event. It can easily escalate to mass hysteria as many other people jump into the fight. A security guard not only has the strength, but also the experience to stop such fights.

So, should you hire a security guard?

You can never predict if there is going to be trouble, but if you want to stay safe and improve the success of the event, a security guard is a good idea.


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