Hidden Costs of Not Repairing Your Cameras

September 10, 2019

Security Cameras

CCTV cameras have been a boon to security measures in big and small facilities where vandalism and theft can be a risk. Security cameras are the third eye to all of us who use them. They are used both indoors and outdoors to keep a check on human disobedience and the miscreants that are always on the lookout for one act of carelessness from the staff of the facility or by any of the family members if you have security cameras at your house. Having a camera and the lack of it makes a difference. Burglars and thieves generally try to stay away from the areas with CCTV surveillance. Security footage even proves to be a witness of heinous crimes and burglaries if you’re away from the facility or your home. It is generally advised to keep track of security cameras while regularly checking the video feed for proper surveillance. If a camera begins to malfunction, you must repair it at the earliest because broken cameras will cost you more in damages than the simple repair job.

Video Loss

One of the damages caused to security with a broken camera is the loss of video on the camera. If your security camera has malfunctioned, it is possible that it might not be recording at certain times of the day when you’re not noticing. If you check the videotapes every day and find that a few hours from the day are missing, you must check for the connections on your camera and get it fixed. Missing video feed from the camera could either be the result of someone muddling with your camera. This should be repaired immediately to prevent any mishaps for which you won’t even have a clue because of the lost footage.

Darkening of Video Feed

Do you have trouble discerning the video feeds from the hours at night? This could be because of the poor quality of your camera or dust settling on the viewfinder. You should check the viewfinder on the camera for any unwanted dust films or cobwebs. If you still can’t see a clearer image, after cleaning the front of the camera, you must get your camera lens checked or simply replace the camera. Not getting a clearer night feed can give the hoodlums a chance to pick at your facility without being noticed and without the facial identity, you might not even be able to catch the culprit. Look for a camera that has clarity in its night video feed even in low lights.

Weather Damage on the Security Camera

Outdoor security cameras in your building are prone to have damages from the weather. Outside heat in the summers or direct sunlight can affect the glass covering on the viewfinder and the expansion and contraction can make it turn whitish or blurry. Outdoor cameras can be metallic and a lot of settings and moisture in the air can wear off the paint and cause it to look old. If the moisture reaches the fixtures and the holding clamps, it can tamper with the rotating action of the camera, thus preventing total coverage. This will provide a blind area for burglars and thieves to pass under and reach your property.

A properly working surveillance system should be prioritized and appropriate check-ups should be done of the whole system regularly. The camera feeds from the whole 24-hour span must be checked once every week to ensure that the camera is recording similarly at all times and in all light settings. For replacement of broken cameras, contact GPS Security.


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