Helping out the Fire Department

September 21, 2014

Fire Watch Security Services provide trained personnel that work in collaboration with the Fire Departments in Alberta to effectively report fires while they are still easier to control and also provide protection to fire sites from intrusion for fire investigation. These trained security guards are crucial to maintaining the safety of a building when a fire occurs. They are responsible for patrolling a facility and making sure that vandals or other miscreants do not attempt to sneak into a property and conduct robberies. The security personnel ensure that you can sleep comfortably or leave your home with having to worry about keeping your belongings, building or property safe from theft and fire incidents. What locations does GPS Security provide Fire Watch for? GPS Security provide trained professional guards for –
  • Fire departments
  • Apartment buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Commercial construction sites
  • New home construction
These security personnel perform exactly the same duties as a regular security guard, however in cases where some municipalities require a ‘fire watch’, it is compulsory that the security guard ‘watching’ the fire has the required training. This is a service that GPS Security provides. When can you require the expertise of a Fire Watch Security Guard? There are several instances that demand that you have someone with experience in fire watch stationed in the area.
  • When fire doors are being replaced – A building, especially of the commercial sort, may have several fire doors that help stop a fire from spreading. Whenever such a door has been taken down to be replaced or repaired, it is crucial to have a trained Fire Watch Security Guard monitoring the area when the location is not staffed.
  • Construction in any section of the building – If certain portions of the building are undergoing construction work, there are chances that there might be instances of accidental fires. This makes it necessary that there be security guards in the vicinity to prevent and control such incidents and ensure that people do not violate the fire safety laws.
  • When the alarm system is down – If your fire alarm system is technically malfunctioning, it can be very difficult to know when an actual fire occurs and warn people in time. This is when you need a security guard to keep an eye out for indications of a fire like smoke or a temperature rise, etc. and raise an alarm when necessary.
  • Power outage – Although most cities do not frequently experience power outages (and when they do, they might have a backup source), it is always a good idea to have a security personnel on guard when such an event does occur to look out for accidental fires or attempted robbery in the dark.
  • Water damage – Natural phenomena such as floods, storms or gradual seepage may endanger property if the water collects in areas with electrical circuits and power sources, leading to short circuit fires.
These instances and many more make it a good idea to have a security guard on spot who is already trained in watching out for fires such as provided by GPS Security.

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