GPS Security Service tackle’s Terrorism Prevention

October 24, 2014

On the frontline of preventing attacks in Canada, it is you and I who have to make it happen. Michael Zehaf-Bibeau and Martin Courture-Rouleau both committed lone wolf attacks. They were neither trained nor affiliated with terrorist organizations. They did it on their own without consultation, advice or prodding from any person. Our security agencies are still adapting to deal with lone wolf terrorist attacks. Until then, we are on the front line.

If you have hired Security Guards, then your neighborhood is in a better position to detect any terrorist activity, be it a lone wolf or a complex terrorist organization. Security Guards are trained specifically to recognize terrorists through their Terrorism Event Pre-Incident Indicators.

Understanding the Terrorist

If a Security Guard hopes to recognize a terrorist, he needs to understand the psyche of one. A terrorist is driven by an idea that is not bound by religion or ideology. His beliefs are extreme, uncompromising and he is willing to kill people to achieve them.

A good Security Guard is trained to recognize these signs even when they’re just talking to people.

Acts of Terrorism

From the Oklahoma bombing, 9/11 to last year Nigeria’s Westgate Mall attack, a trained Security Guard is well-aware of the various acts of terrorism around the world. It is not uncommon for various terrorist organizations to try and recreate a successful terrorist attack.

Identify Weapons

This is a very important part for Security Guards as even the flash of a weapon can be a dead giveaway of terrorist activity. If a terrorist plans on launching a large scale attack, it will need a lot of equipment. From explosives, assault rifles to various urban weapon camouflage, a Security Guard is on alert. He observes and communicates suspicious activity to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

Recognizing Terrorist Behaviors

Before committing the final act, a terrorist often goes through a lot of mental turmoil. Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was asked by the elders in his Mosque to stop visiting it as he was acting erratic. A Security Guard recognizes such suspicious behavior and alerts the police.

Deciphering Patterns

Security Guards are trained to spot patterns which give away suspicious activity. When people keep meeting together with heavy duty equipment, it’s suspicious. It may be nothing at all, or it may be something.

Constant Vigilance

The best thing that Security Guards are trained in is constant vigilance. Terrorists hide amongst the civilian population. They blend in and that’s what makes them hard to detect. Right now, last week’s incidents are fresh on your mind. In a few months, you won’t be as alert as you are now. Security Guards, however, are always vigilant, constantly looking for the possible signs of a terrorist attack.

Reporting their Suspicion

Security Guards are trained to report it in a well-mannered way so that the authorities have the right amount information.

If there’s anything that the recent attacks have taught us, it is that we need to try whatever we can to stop it. GPS Security Group Inc. has security guards that are trained in Terrorism Event Pre-Incident Indicators terrorist including the following:

  • Defining terrorist activity
  • Recognizing possible pre-incident indicators and explain their significance
  • Knowing the importance of their role in recognizing terrorist behaviors and/or actions
  • Identifying and reporting a suspicious incident
  • Identifying the possible indicators within the various phases of a terrorist attack

GPS Security is committed to being the eyes and ears on the street and contributing to the security and safety of all Canadians. Let’s keep our country safe.


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