Getting Communication Right with your Security Service

September 10, 2014

Letting the security guard service know what you want and what you expect is key to success. Sure, they have tons of experience, but every location and every customer has a different need. You have to let them know what that need is.

You know your own location best and you definitely have some insights that you want to be considered. It can be in terms of protocol, an electronic system which is already in place or past incidents of criminal or vandal activities. Here’s how you can achieve success with the security service you hire.

Inform them of the Business Operations

It is so easy to assume that the guards just have to stay by the gate or patrol the grounds, and hence, they don’t require the knowledge of how the business operation runs. This is a mistake. By giving them this information, you prevent conflicts from cropping up in the future. More importantly, if the security service finds that there is a weak security point in your operations, it can be rectified. They become aware of the key areas of your business that requires protection and can focus their patrol on those areas.

Give a Contact Number

Who is the security guard going to contact if things are going wrong? Wouldn’t you want to know immediately if there was a fire or an act of vandalism on the premise? You need to provide a point of contact to the security so that they can be instructed on which areas to prioritise and the future course when attempting to handle the situation.

Read the Security Service Performance Reports

Understandably, running a business takes up a lot of your time. Who would want to sit down and read some performance reports? However, these are important. These reports keep you informed on the security services’ observations and performance through the month.

It is a good way to learn about any upgrades by the security service that brings you more safety.

Written Requirements

Of all the points, this is probably the most important one. What are the basic functions you want the security service to perform? For example:

– Guard the buildings

– Protect it against vandalism and theft

– Patrol the premises

Operating Procedures

When you hire the security service, be sure to list down everything that you want them to do. It should be a kind of checklist for them to go through. For example:

– Make sure that no one stays in the premises beyond 10’o clock

– Lock the doors

It is easy to miscommunicate with your security service, to not inform them correctly of what you want and then blame them when things go wrong. You can easily fire them and hire another agency. But, you are not really solving the problem.

Communication is key and we ensure that there is a good flow of information between us and any client. We understand what he wants us to do and get it done. A client is busy trying to run a business, so we make it a point to collect all the needed information to do the job right.


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